October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Quick Hits – 11/25

  1. G BEEN called it about Justin and his cheating ways..and she said his marriage wouldn’t make it through the end of this year. Welppppppp

    I watched about 4 minutes of the AMA’s. Basically just watched Toni Braxton perform..she looked amazing. Otherwise, the show is too…..dull for me.

    1. Yeah I don’t feel it necessarily has to be sexual. When drinking and especially when friends go over the link you comfort them

  2. Idk about the video. It looked like he was drunk and she was helping him along with the other chick that was pulling him up. But I still think Justin is a cheating dog

  3. Oh lawd take the mkd
    What’s going on with Kevin hart he doesn’t seem like his unfunny self
    And what’s the deal with summer walker she looked scared going up there to get her award

  4. Them phasing Halsey out wouldn’t be to confusing because Halsey ain’t no huge name around the globe (in my opinion) so her getting phased out wouldn’t be to devastating. But TAYLOR the golden girl the record breaker, now that would be a challenge for some folks to watch her go. Taylor is about to be 30 though so maybe deactivation is on the horizon. I think she getting deactivated for grace vanderwaal (google her she’s like 16 & won America’s got talent and is known but I don’t know if she sold out yet, and people compare her to taylor all the time.) I wonder if they gonna do her like they doing Nicki Minaj? Probably not they don’t do they own slimy like they do us.

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