October 4, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 11/25

  1. G,

    Can you address the divorce of This is Us star, Justin Hartley and his wife, Chrishell Hartley. I know you said that Hollywood marriages are essentially arranged.

    Are these stars forced to divorce their spouses and get involved with other people? Like can you elaborate on that. This will be his 2nd divorce.

  2. I don’t think he should of been with Jessica biel in the first place and is the co star in the pics look black or/maybe mixed? I wonder how much more is Jessica gonna take

  3. Is Jess bothered bc it’s a WOC this time? These yt ppl are something else

    Justin was never a prize. Jess really thought she won too when she was always into him more anyways. His ego got out of control & then he dogged out & did significant damage beyond repair to Janet & Britney so I’m not surprised his behavior has gotten worse nor will I ever feel bad for him

  4. They seem like they been a hot mess with no real chemistry from the jump anyway. Nothing is surprising about either one. Did she not put up with it even before they got married? And let’s be real, she probably needed his image to boost hers as she started getting more roles after they got married. She obviously made her choices. We all know what Justin is. I’m sure she’s got a full closet of skeletons somewhere too. She’s becoming just as annoying. She can’t cry for what she keeps taking. These 2 just need to get this circus over with already. These people selling their souls to Satan and expect true love. That don’t mix.

    1. Notice how he always cheats with WOC but his “relationships” are always with white women? He’s always used the black community to his benefit then runs back to his comfy white life. Can’t stand him and never was a fan. He’s fake and a user.

    2. “These people selling their souls to Satan and expect true love. That don’t mix.”-
      Say that a louder for the people in the back 👏👏👏

  5. Well I thought they had an “understanding ” because she likes girls from what the wags would comment. There was a pic years ago circulating of her & Justin and another woman and Jessica was grabbing her ass. Can we deny or confirm this G/Heav?

  6. I need proof of him and Jimmy Fallon. I love JF as I see him on a daily basis at work. I need pictures or something. Was there someone in the room with them?
    I do not feel sorry for Jessica or Justin. I am not sure why women thinks that if he cheats during the relationship, that it will stop after marrying you. He didn’t love you then and He ain’t loving now. it was a marriage of convenience. they were both convenient to one another after so many years of dating and her crying for commitment.

  7. Welp it is obvious that he is white boy wasted in the video. Clearly he has been drinking for the better half of the day to be that gone. Jessica needs to call it a day and move on. But Jimmy Fallon though, I would never have put he and Justin together. But at the same time I am not shocked. I have come to expect this kind of mess from these celebs, smh.

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