October 2, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/24/19

  1. Niggas ain’t crap
    And how is Kim and Kylie making it as a billionaire? They sell their soul or doing some type of spirit cooking

  2. Lori and Future??? At this point, he’s a warlock too. Ain’t no damn way he got all those kids out of wedlock with that money going 10 ways and he’s still pulling chicks. Lori really hustling backwards. Marguerite, come get your child.

  3. Sooooo, you mean to tell me that Kylie sold a chunk of her company for $600.00 Million and days later the the stock drops🤔🤔🤔. In the voice of the LEGENDARY ELIJAH CUMMINGS “Come on now” it’s got to be some inside trading going on🤔🤔🤷🏽‍♀️“ Allegedly “

    1. Coty stock price has been on a downward trend for most of the month, before Kylie sold a stake in her company to them. Nothing to see (right now). This is just market fluctuations.

  4. Well Floyd, money doesn’t grow on trees. But you learning that the hard way we see.

    Lori, Future?? Future with all those kids and different baby mamas?? In a little bit he will be like Floyd…broke. Well actually probably worse than Floyd because Floyd probably had more money. Either way, what can he do for you? I am not even into chasing the coin like you and I wouldn’t choose Future. I need some help with bills. Child support gonna eat up the money 😂.

    1. I mean they both suck lol. You either have a soon to be broke, football team worth of kids rapper or a bisexual hip hop mogul that’s gonna pimp you out to the elites. Lose Lose if you ask me

  5. Any woman dating Future is either dependent on him or just ain’t sh**… I personally believe Lori is the latter.

  6. Playboy carti smashed underage bhad Bhabie she should’ve been dropped his ass for that alone. That’s why she tried to flex on Iggy at that party and threw a drink on her. Smfh sickos bro.

  7. I swear they hyped up Lori too much … It’s really funny to see her end up with men that Steve wrote a whole book against 🥴

  8. I want to know more about Taylor and Karlie friendship ending or their “breakup” considering their were rumors of them dating and Karlie living with her at one point.

  9. Floyd was a damn fool with his money- just look at his Instagram…Idk Iggy & Playboi were a real couple. Poor Jessica- she was on fire before marrying JT…he’s such a lame in my opinion. Neither he nor that Wainwright lady can act. Raising Dion was a cute show but her acting and the girl that played her sister was AWFUL….also she favors a young Alicia Keyes to me…

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