October 3, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/23/19

  1. Man is that Summer Walker walking outside in her undies??? I swear She is weird af to me !!! All that stupid dancing on London and wit her friend …man girl gone on nie!! Shit Jordyn is still a big girl to me! She be looking like she need a lil more surgery!🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ But nun of that has anything to do with them hunching on her lmao

    1. And Megthestallion girllllllllll wtf u thought that shit was gne be easy to sacrifice ya dam mama????? She’s gonna become a drunk cause that’s all her big ass do is drink and twerk 🤦🏽‍♀️ I like her knees tho😩

      1. She was but she just weird af so her Trynna make fun of somebody else by acting krazy fit her to a T

      1. Man listen…that girl got some strong ass knees…they all be getting that surgery like u can almost get any surgery u want nowadays so i wonder can u buy some strong knees like Meg big & tall ass😂😂😂 i like Meg tho but she headed for destruction cause she’s battling sacrificing her mom & ddnt her Gma die too???? She just drink straight liquor and twerk wit them good ass knees God gave her(i want Some so bad)

      2. Ma’am me and all my Frans want some!!! 😂😂😂 1 drunk night of twerking take us out of commission for about 3 days 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ sign me up for the knew KNEE SURGERY! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Lol, “hunching”😂😂😂 They’re going to MKUltra her brain so she will be a prisoner in her own body. She probably spent her record company advance so she can’t buy her way out the industry. Poor thang.

  2. Caitlyn Jenner will always be weird to me. I agree with the girls feeling like it was crazy to transition this late in life

    Summer Walker is a weird case to me. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they put her under MK. I think she may have experienced some serious trauma when she was younger but theres gonna be more trauma as long as the Elites wanna use her. I feel like London is/will be her handler

    I’ll give it to Khlobacca, she seems to really care about these guys she was involved with.


    1. I agree Summer Walker has experienced some drama as a Child. I also believe her diagnosis of social anxiety is incorrect. She display more of a bipolar or multiple personality disorder diagnosis

  3. I just said that about bruce the other day and been saying Kendall was hit the hardest with his transformation and I don’t blame them.

  4. Caitlyn, I don’t what to tell you beloved. Sometimes living in your truth means living alone 💁 lol.

    What has French gotten himself into?

    Meg definitely doesn’t understand what she signed up for. The Elites about to show her how THEY twerk 😂

  5. Bruce knows their ashamed of him, I’m pretty sure all the visits and calls vanished once production for “I am Cait” Ended.

    That video of Summer circulating around is old old, she had that tekashi hair months ago. Around the time “Girls need love too” Came out.

    I feel like Megs is slowly spiraling out of control too, that’s why she keeps drinking and twerking everywhere. To hide the guilt.

  6. Caitlyn brought a lot of those on herself. Bruce has been cross-dressing, primarily women’s undies, for decades but the attention (or lack thereof) on KUWTK took off wore him down. Plus those K girls were very rude to him on the show. But Kris has a tight-knit crew/family and when Caitlyn made Kris to be this controlling monster in a book, that was the final straw for those girls.

  7. Summer Walker is a weird and interesting woman the same time. I agree with others, she suffered from some trauma when she was child. Also, this producer boyfriend she has, I don’t think he is right for her. She wasn’t acting this crazy until she started dating him, but I may be wrong. Also, if she has social anxiety should she be on social media? Wouldn’t it be the opposite?

    Summer Walker is not going to be the new face of R&B that everyone is pushing for. I think that is going to the woman who wears the sunglasses all the time H.E.R.

    Ari Lennox and Ellai Mai don’t have that kind of hype like Summer Walker. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Meg the Stallion looks like she is losing it a bit. She seem to be drinking alot more. It’s a great way to mask the pain and chaos that is the music industry. I hope she takes it easy.

    No words for Caitlin Jenner. I agree with her children, why go through all of that so late in life? It’s above me.

    I like Jordyn Woods she should be able to date. She’s not tied down to anyone.

    Khloe is worry about all these men she’s dated and they can’t do the same for her. What a disgrace. I truly hope French Montana is okay though.

  8. Summer Walker was walking round in her panties outside????? 😩😩😲😲😲😲😔😔🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

    N from day 1 I’ve loved meg the stallion and honestly I LISTEN TO HER MUSIC EVERYDAY 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️ but it does bother me to know the REAL which of course I appreciate but… seeing how it all played out like her blowing up right after her mom passing n seeing her climb to the top overnight all the way to her constantly on blogs n in the media…. just EVERYTHING…. I’m just so disappointed in her I really thought she was going to be “different”……

  9. I love love Meg, but that “drive the boat” Ish had her all up on Trey & I’m sure that was the edited version that the blogs put out cause lawd🤦🏾‍♀️ I just see pain at times with Meg❤

  10. I feel meg is going to be so hurt and do a lot of damage to herself when she sees what the industry is really about to have her doing. Summer walker is so weird to me I get a slightly eerie feeling from her and I definitely think London is her handler.

    1. I agree about meg. When I saw her sign that deal with roc nation, I said she just does not know what she signed up for.

  11. Summer Walker is a self-proclaimed witch lol that explains some of the eerie feelings you guys are feeling…

    Smh… I knew Meg sacrificed her mom. It’s really a shame what some people will do for fame.

  12. I don’t why but I feel French Montana might got something from that little prostitutes ring he was involved in.

  13. Why misgender Caitlyn Jenner? She identifies as a woman. It doesn’t hurt to refer to her as such. A simple courtesy. Just saying

  14. I don’t think Megan sold her soul she hasn’t really blown up it’s really just internet hype. She has yet to have a number one song and she ain’t even dropped an album just mixtapes. Her stylist isn’t putting any money into her looks at all. She’s getting attention because she actually has talent. But her rise to fam and Cardi B’s is night and day. She didn’t sacrifice i don’t believe.

  15. I don’t blame Khloe for worrying about French!! I would be worried about anyone personally associated with P. Devil.. i mean Diddy!

  16. So nobody’s gonna ask about Nicole S huh?? 😂

    So is she smashing somebody off of Masked Singer? I would guess whoever the guy is in the Thingamajig costume…unless it’s Nick or Robin…

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