October 5, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Who Was Ray J Talking to On That Burner Phone? 11/23.2019

  1. I hate that this is going on while she’s pregnant. Ray J’s a clown, been a clown. And his mother and sister uphold all the clown shit he does.

    1. I agree with you, he is the biggest clown. His mama and Brandy get on my dam nerves. He know dam well he don’t need to be married with his hoe ass.

    2. Yep i cant stand Brandy or the mama! And to me the daddy is weak cause wtf he be?? Seem like the mama run every dam body and Princess dgaf she will let that mama have it but Melody is sooooooo pretty!

      1. Daddy Norwood prolly like “ ard, my kids are grown 40 + and I’m damn near senior citizen that’s on them” 😆😆

  2. She knew that man wasn’t shit before she married him. You can’t change these men so stop trying. Either put up or shut up I don’t feel sorry for her.😒

    1. I agree with you! She already knew he was a big ole Hoe and how disrespectful he is to women, she thought she had the magic diamond 💎 lined PussyWhipper and he showed her she didn’t!

    1. Exactly it Karma for Ray-J Im sorry I cant trust anyone that had somthing to do with Whitney’s death…..sorry

  3. Honestly, I’m not surprised. They lasted longer than I thought they would. Willie never seemed like he could be faithful for too long

  4. Ray and Princess should have never got married. They were always toxic. He pushed her in the pool after she shoved him. That doesn’t make a happily ever after to me. Now they are married and added kids to this mess. She had Melody, but for the life of me I don’t know why she got pregnant this 2nd go round. Especially with the consistency of issues they have had.

  5. Who knows she might reveal his involvement with Whitney’s passing…but then again that might get her touched by the elites. We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Everybody wants to bash Ray J, but Princess is just as much to blame. She KNEW what she was getting herself into. But like so many women, they think a ring means they won the fuckin prize. Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s just a STFU ring. The man has humiliated her on more than SEVERAL occasions and she stays. I really am surprised, because even though I know a lot of people don’t subscribe to the whole astrology thing, We Leo’s love hard, but we will get the fuck on too, when the shit ain’t right. And now because she jumped in with both feet, we just gotta see how it plays out b/c there was no prenup as far as I remember. Maybe if Princess has enough secrets, she can come up like Malaysia did (rumor mill) when she divorced that man she was married to.

    And with him having them Shug Knight ties, she should be careful. Just get her babies and go. She won’t have any trouble at all getting a man. She’s gorgeous. And even with that, I still don’t think it’s all Ray J. She taught him how to treat her and that’s the treatment she’s been getting.

  7. I was never a big fan of Ray J, but when it came out that he TOLD Yung Berg to say that about Teairra to embarrass her, I really couldn’t stand him then. Smh! He LAME

  8. If you look 👀 at his big bug eyed Ass he looks like a untrustworthy person! People who have those shifty bugged out eyes 👀 usually are liars and ain’t Shit!

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