October 4, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Follow The Sugar

    1. Don’t forget the Game smashing both Kim AND Khloe and Drake smashing Kim, Kylie, AND Kris.

      Kardashians are for everybody. The only one who stays out of the mess is Kendall

  1. This is too much and the fact that jordy in the mix makes it even worse especially how everyone came at khloe over Tristan and that mean jordyn woods was never really kylie friend tf

  2. Trina was Kim’s friend, not Khloe’s. There’s some sick, twisted mess going on where Khloe would hook her underage sister with this grown ass man, who has a child with your other sister’s friend. But when people call them out for the whores they are, we’re hating. GTFOH

  3. Didn’t tyga introduce chyna to kim, being that he knew the K’s first due to living near them? All of them are nasty. 🤢

  4. I be damned yal this just got broke down like an old schools motor 😳 sheesh 🙄 that was a lot!!! What tangled web we weave.

  5. I know this is like six degree of separation but the most disgusting thing by far is Khloe. How she introduced her baby sister to a older man. Like you couldn’t wait till she was 18??? Nope you never do your baby sister like that. You protect at all costs.

  6. I feel like you’re making it seem like Kim and Chyna were friends at the time when Chyna got with Tyga and he dated her because he couldn’t get Kim

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