October 5, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/21/19

  1. That last one about Kanye ~ Huh? What is he doing? Confused (yet again) 😐 … Sunday service and strippers 🤔

    1. He was the musical director for last year’s AVN “porno awards.” I am on the fence with Kanye and he is my fav rapper. Smh.

  2. I don’t know Meg’s coochie miles, but her music creates the narrative of a chic sucking and phucking an taking advantage of men. So of course people will think that’s what she is about. Plus it doesn’t help that she has been linked to a few dudes and there seems to be credible evidence of that * enters exhibit A, video with Trey 😂*. Now that people are thinking she is a hoe, she wanna back peddle. So Meg are you about that life or not lol? Because if you rapping about it and not doing it, how are you any different than the male rappers who are fake gangstas lol. See lil Kim and the crew knew the deal lol. They never disputed, being a hoe or not because they knew what they rapped about 😂.

    Draya, ok girl 😉😂.

  3. I Lowkey love Draya, even if she got shots in my opinion she has the best body in the game. She’s always looked the same to me, so whoever did them is pretty good.

  4. That was my exact point about Draya. She didn’t have money like that and seems like an ass shot type of chick.

  5. Somebody go find them receipts if Draya with absolutely no hips and absolutely no assss ATTTT ALL! Sure wish we could post pix in the comments. She was built like LALA ANTHONY – straight up n down. However now she built like an expensive ass hour glass.

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