October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveals from 11/19/19

  1. Oh I thought he wanted Mariah back
    And how dare they talk mess about aunty janet she’s the closest thing we have to Michael

  2. I love Janet and I thought she always would lip sing at her concerts. I’m ok with that because like you said we go for the show, dancing and stage presence. It’s not a big deal. They better put some respect on her name.

    1. Exactly! Bc they’d really be fussing if Janet didn’t lip sync but pulled that shit Summer Walker been pulling

  3. Lizzo is everywhere hell she has a Walmart holiday cell phone commercial (vocals) I feel like they play it every 5 seconds! Who’d she have to blow to blow up like this? I feel like she does not fit the stereotype of typical HOLLYWOOD mega stars – look at how they made Jennifer Hudson lose weight then they cancelled her ass. 😩😩😩😩

  4. I love janet whisper singing and if she lips sings so tf what and you’re right we go to janet concert for dancing and stage presence. Leave her alone

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