October 3, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Quick Hits – 11/21/19

  1. Somehow, I don’t think Kanye will end up broke. Seems like his star has been reignited. But what do I know?
    As for Rihanna, she looks beautiful. I guess since I never paid attention to her titties before, I really can’t tell one way or the other.
    I saw that Meg and Trey video on a post last night on IG, and they looked real friendly, and dare I say it . . . real cute together.
    Chris had a son last night? And I’m hurt! Man oh man. 2wice Baby Daddy now.

    1. I agree Perez is definitely pocket watching 🙄 from the peanut gallery 🙄 pocket watchers are so absolutely annoying!

    2. U hurt sis??? 😂😂😂😂 It’s ok lol he still yo man😂😂 and i dnt Think Kanye will end up broke either 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Owe me Owe My where is MoneyBag Memphis… I mean Yo – while Meg is practically taking TREY down in the CLUB 😝sheesh🥰

    1. My thoughts exactly. Those alleged two situations he was involved in that no one seems to remember/believe because physically he’s attractive.

  3. The question is why Wyoming? My conspiracy group is on this one hard. What does he know that the reg-schmegs dont?

  4. Don’t Trey “allegedly” beat women? So why would Megan put herself in that situation?? He was looking really creepy 2 weeks ago when Megan was drunk as fuck and he kept telling her to drive the boat some more now she all in his face? Chile…the GHETT-TOOOOE

  5. I think she just gained weight cause her titties are still saggy if she had a boob job i believe they would be more round

  6. Off topic but did Janelle monae just sell out it am I late? Her yoga video is so uncomfortable to watch. She’s looks awkward trying to thot and keeps throwing 👌 up

  7. Meg and Trey look like they smashing or have smashed before
    But why does Kanye make music in a Wyoming of all places

  8. Dr Miami said it best “anybody that is anybody has had SOMETHING done to them” and I do think Rih got a boob job. But it’s okay Rih Rih I want my boobs done too.

  9. Christopher Maurice Brown we been through so much I dealt with your cheating and disrespect for years and years I’m through

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