October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/20/19

  1. Haven’t heard anything about The Fugees in so long…pore Princess she is so pretty to me and so is Melody. Ray J thoting and bopping 😩

  2. You called it you said that ray j and princess wouldn’t make it to a year sad I guess she’s goin back to Floyd no reading may weather
    I sure hope erica and safaree aren’t next

  3. Ohhh Princess, desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. But is she really THAT cool to be calling Drake for his plane lol. Because if I didn’t know you that well, the only thing I can do for you is give you the number to Uber 💁.

    Evelyn needs to stop lying to herself because SHE is the only one who believes that mess.

    I hope Ray J had a prenup because if Princess finally gets a back bone and leaves him, she is gonna clean him out.

  4. Who was the female that ray was all up on??? I seen some girl in the comment section on one of these blogs basically admitting that it was her he was on & trying to defend herself 🙄 but I felt it was a clout chaser. He will never learn and niggas don’t wanna get it till they over 50 and wanna halfway apologize like gay-z in songs 😑😒🙄

  5. Princess ain’t finna leave ray j. These celebrities argue everyday with there famous wife or husband on the internet and still stay. And im sure mother Norwood made ray j draw up a prenuptial agreement and made sure princess sign a prenuptial agreement.

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