October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes  – 11/19/2019  

  1. OMG – the rock is trying to sew him?? Why to get her out of her record deal with him? Is this good for her??? Do tell the details. He discovered her why would she back door him like gg his? I mean it is her career but is there no loyalty there? 🤔 waiting for this one to play out.

  2. TI saved it. We know you are trash. To put something so private and sensitive as your daughter’s virginity, out to the world is just sad and pathetic. That is your daughter’s truth. She should have been the one to decide if she wanted strangers knowing that.

    Yea, we could all see Demi’s new man is a meth head. His whole physical appearance screams rolling meth lab.

    Why would Roc Nation sue? Is it out of spite because Carl won’t bow down with his loss of Meg? Carl and Meg not speaking just further proves the 1st reports that came out saying, Jay snuck that girl out of her 1st deal shadily. All the lying they did to make it sound like smooth sailing only to have the truth come to light.

  3. I think that fund raiser jay z just threw was a celebration to officially welcome them to the society… All who was there I think they will be jay puppets so I do believe fan will be joining roc nation soon.. Them watches was more than vip invitations… They were more so welcoming gifts.. I even saw zonnique bf there… For it to be a fundraiser none of his higher elite black ppl were there… Oprah Diddy etc… I think jay trying to start his own chapter mimicking the elites.. that’s why he buddy buddy with Robert kraft and the gang.. He need backing n some type of form

  4. I’m really interested in how this all plays out with Kanye. I kinda chuckled when I saw Joel Osteen involved. I don’t think he’s any different in the “sold my soul” department.

  5. Please spill some Alicia tea soon.. I always liked her now it’s less and less with all this agenda pushing yet she speaks the opposite. What’s the real deal with her?
    And I know it was posted not long ago Justin and Jessica were tryna come to some fair arrangement. But can you go in on them a lil more? They never seemed that real to alotta people. I always thought Jessica was a lesbian, lol.

  6. T.I. does too much and needs to sit his little ass down… Kanye West and Dr. Dre sounds like a beautiful pairing… if it was 2005…. but it’s 2019 and I’m tired of hearing about Kanye West…. he truly needs to find Jesus and have several seats or several pews AWAY from any pulpit and the public at large….Miley Cyrus has been needing rehab for over a decade…high or sober she’s still HIGHLY annoying….Swizz and Alicia…Justin and Jessica more like bi and gay and gay and gay….Ariana Grande is a loser so she will continue to attract losers who is surprised by this? Speaking of losers…Bow Wow is King of The Losers and wanna be rich posers….

  7. I had to google it myself cuz I had NO IDEA the same Carl Crawford who’s a former baseball player and Evelyn’s ex was Megan’s former manager.

  8. Demi Lovato doesn’t have to stick with somebody who is publicly going to shoot his shot with another women. Maybe she should just stay single. Y’all have to realize Demi is human and just let people live

  9. Swizz and Alicia, Justin and Jessica..Can you elaborate on that? Are they swinging with each other or both couples divorcing?

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