October 2, 2022

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46 thoughts on “HoeTails They Smashed and Yall Didn’t Even Know it

  1. That 90’s tea we love to read lol everybody was hot in the ass. Rick James and Nicole Simpson sister? Boy them white girls sure loved them some chocolate haha

    1. A lot of people don’t know it was Rick James that introduced OJ to Nicole. Her sister told Rick that she wanted Nicole to live like she how was living & she asked Rick if he knew who Nicole could mess with & the rest is history.

    1. I feel like if Mary fucked Suge it was to get back at Kci who cheated on her….. just like Misa fucking Suge was to get back at Puffy…. Kim was too busy running after Biggie and fighting Faith Evans to try and fuck anybody else…. sidenote i understand covering gossip on this new generation of stars because they’re current…. but the 80’s 90’s 2000’s tea be so juicy

  2. Wow. Coko and Michael Jackson 😯😯its hard for me to picture Mike having sex… .i just can’t see it. 🤔🤔

    1. I know but Stephanie Mills said she dated him for almost 2years and there was nothing gay about him. But Coko fuckin for tracks makes sense – he was a powerful man and that’s all some women need to be attracted

  3. This is the second time of me hearing about diddy being disgusting like that. Gene Deal tells a story of Diddy peeing in a water pitcher and setting it on the table. A girl was about to drink it unknowingly and he was going to let her until someone else stopped it from happening. Diddy is foul all the way around 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. That’s so triflin. I’m glad she didn’t ingest that mess. I would have put a hit out on his ass but clearly that’s just me.

  4. Lisa Wu got around….lol and apparently so did Lee Lee from SWV (heard back in the day Lee Lee and Mary had a little friction over Kci)…. Chelsea Handler and Ray J!? 🤢🤢🤢🤢 …..

  5. Lee and Ed have a grown child together, right? Also, Chelsea been loving black dick…She went to same HS I attended but she’s abt 5 years older then me..I knew people who attended hs with her, she was jumping on black dick all thru hs in the early 90s. She came back to my hometown to do a documentary recently about white privilege and she came to visit her old BF and his family and talked about their times together. I know all his family too. She bee. Loving the black dick from an early age!!

    1. Lee Lee and Ed Lover have a child together?

      I’d love to get a breakdown on here about some of these 90’s r&b and rappers that have children together. Because I PROMISE…I neverrrrrr knew that.

      1. G needs to tell y’all that Michael Jackson And R n B singer Miki Howard had a child together. He was born in 1981 and apparently Miki went by the name “Billi” aka Billie Jean , MJ hit song. Oh the boy name is Brandon Howard. Go and google him, he look just like Michael. But there is also a rumor back then , it could be Joe Jackson kid…but I say it’s MJ son. The boy even today are close with ALL the Jackson brothers and he calls them uncle. The boy was very cared for. Last thing MJ needed back then around his Thriller rise to fame, was a illegitimate Baby. That would of ruined his rise.

  6. Lee lee and Lisa Wu were some hoes lol..getting around like that. I cannot picture Coco and Michael fucking….I can’t picture Michael having sex at all… Maybe in his black days

  7. Oh my Gah…..this shyt here knocked the lady NEXT to me’s wig straight off!!!

    Lee Lee was getting busy!

    Lisa Wu..damn Sis…ych. I would have stuck with OG Keith Sweat and his sexy self. She went thru the whole damn 90’s fm radio dial

    Al B was a lil hoe huh? But Diddy definitely is the King of all Male Hoedom…his name comes up with damn near every woman in the industry..and hell, some of the men too

  8. I’m not even mad at Salt for getting some of that light skinned Al B Sure lovin LOL. I think I’m so used to seeing her with chocolate dudes (husband and exes) that it threw me off a little.

    lol @ y’all listing Lee Lee four times in a row with her shenanigans 🤣. Not surprised at all about Chelsea trying to see what Kim K’s left overs be like… Lisa Wu girl… lol

  9. Mannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! My mouth hit the floor!!!!!! What!!????? Some of these is mind blowing!!!! Michael and Coko!???? Omfgggg!

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