October 2, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood’s Industry Secrets

  1. Chileeeeeee I need someone to pick my mouth up off the floor……these elites are a fucking trip……you gotta pay taxes wit yo OWN money not theirs wtf so if the IRS comes for you the elites let u hang and dry……now I’m wondering I think they set up Wesley snipes like that. And them Scientology wackos are truly sick 🤮

      1. I have a question. It was mentioned that most big time celebs follow Scientology and we know they worship Lucy. But what’s up with celebs that go to church services? It makes me think of how the Kardashian clan supposedly goes to church every year for Easter and how Diddy and his fam was just spotted at TD Jakes church. Do they do that to throw everyone off?

  2. Pornography really does be depicting what goes on in these rituals. They be having scenes that take place inside a sex party where the girls are being tied up and fisted and all kinds of shit and they do be saying thank you sir while they are getting smashed. Smh the elites are putting it in plain sight. If that turns you on why don’t you join our industry and you can have it done to you 24/7? Crazy shit.

  3. The bank part got me. That’s wild. What a joke and prison fame really is. I knew a good bit over the last 10 years. But wow, the information and experience from all the contributors to this site never cease to blow me away. Thank all of you for sharing the realty. Cause it certainly can’t be easy putting yourselves out there like that.

  4. So is jayz a billionaire or nah and sex rituals dont bother me half as much as these networths being misrepresented

  5. It’s hard to go back being gullible and not believing these rituals don’t exist considering even the Bible mentions them (ie animal & child sacrifice)

  6. They screw the fuck out of you and still expect you to say thank you with a smile smh no wonder these newer artists are blatantly not giving a fuck. And y’all got the nerve to be dragging Summer Walker smh

  7. Paid gays? I always wondered how some of these men are suddenly gay come from. I swear Malik Yoba needs a light bill paid. He ain’t gay!
    Do these celebs sacrifice their kids by proclaiming them transgender? It’s like suddenly everyone’s preschooler is gay (Alicia keys, Gabrielle Union, scarlet johansen, etc)

  8. I look at every single celebrity differently now and it isn’t good! It’s such a shame and even though you get paid tons of money, they vitually seem unhappy and have to give so much up to keep the money and can never get out. That price is wayyy too high! No wonder the young singers are dropping out.

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