October 5, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Kylie Jenner Selling the Majority Stake of Kylie Cosmetics

  1. I anit mad at her… do it girl. I don’t really fuck with the Kardashians/Jenners like that, but I respect to hustle/business

  2. I’m sure she has a team of ppl giving legal and financial risk advice. Come on yal this is a heavily oiled machine that is ran well because she has the best team giving her the BEST advice her DOLLARS can BUY! She’s only as smart and as good as her TEAM – that’s paid to do this JOB that she’s being praised for doing and being so smart at. You live and you learn she’s 22 not 42. How’d she get to be a business genius in 22 short years. 😳 she isn’t but her team sure the hell is! Gone Kylie 🤑

    1. I laughed when I read she’s a “savvy business woman” lmaoooo this is not her doing it’s her advisors. She doesn’t know shit. Her mom may be the decision maker. Even that statement that was put out by her doesn’t sound like it was actually written by her. This blog is a KKK fanatic so don’t expect unbiased articles.

      She actually sold the company for $600 and you better believe Coty has the upper hand in everything. They’re 10 times bigger than her and own all the global brands. Her company was evaluated at $1b not that she was a billionaire. People really skipped finance and economics class that’s why is easy to fool the masses 😂😂

  3. Makes sense!! It’s a good business move to accept that the kardashian/jenner train will loose steam and to cash out now. They have lasted way longer than expected, but eventually will come to an end.

  4. Cool. Now she can marry Tyga and complete her family. Lol. Just kidding. Can’t knock the business hustle. I already think the Ks have peaked.

  5. Mediocre beauty products sold for 600 mill on the strength of more mediocrity! That is iconic and you can’t be mad at that.

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