October 5, 2022

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19 thoughts on “ICYDK Darkside Of The Industry

  1. With this new segment, could u give more insight on what’s going on with Brandon T. Jackson. I believe he’s a Hebrew Israelite now but seeing some of his interviews makes me think something has happened and he regrets it now. Not saying he can’t be apart of that religion but he talks about a lot of conspiracies and seems more serious that his comedic self.

  2. But her fans will say not Beyoncé that’s a saved woman she played in fighting temptations and blah blah 🙄

  3. that lil hand gesture she did at the beginning with one finger under her nose then she turns the devil horns up under her chin is a masonic gesture it means = (showing her) allegiance in public right under (y)our nose

  4. I see she was hanging out with Robert Kraft the other night. They love their pedos and rapists… Epstein, Weinstein and the Clintons

  5. Them Neyo, early 00’s krumping faces she be making 😩😩😆😆 girl stop!! Her demonic ass smh ! This bouta b a good segment 🍿

  6. I love this segment idea, however 90% of Hollywood (music, television, and movies) are down so why only focus on a select few? It’s getting old, we get it Beyoncé and Jay are down but can we please hear about others? This is starting to sound like a hate page rather than an informative one.

    By no means am I a fan, I just really despise bullies and haters…this just seems like hate disguised as information. I’m a paying customer, so yes I am entitled to speak my peace. For the ones that will chime in talking about this is their page. 🙄

    Never been one to just accept what others throw my way, just because it’s their platform. Technically this is a relationship, I give you money you provide information. Once I stop doing my part you’ll dismiss me, so therefore I get to voice how I feel about the content.

    * If you’ve ever been in business for yourself, you’ll understand that listening to your customer is key to longevity. ✌🏾

    1. Okkkkkkkk so I don’t think any of the staff will say this to you but as a happy, SATISFIED & paying customer/ sugar baby i would politely suggest some other options for your problem as I love to help others solve & find solutions to their OWN problems. No one else has said this JUST YOU so please refrain from projecting your OWN views onto other people. You could always either leave and find said content on other blogs or STFUUUUUUUUU and let G & her folk run THEIR site how they choose. Be sure when G & ‘nem ASK for ppl’s suggestions MAKE SURE YOU VOICE YA Opinion NO ONE ASKED FOR or don’t PAY… its SIMPLE

  7. I never watched this show. I was convinced that they were trying to put everyone in a trance. Not any day Satan.

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