October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “ICYDK Darkside of The Industry

    1. And umma say this again…from watching the soul train awards man that dam Summer Walker🤦🏽‍♀️ Weird af man just weird af!!!!! Like that chik mannnnnnn WEIRD!!!!!!!

      1. I was just talking about her man she looks scared as shit and london is her handler i hope she doesn’t commit suicide

  1. WOW! They really aren’t waiting with pushing Millie through… Smh. So they got Drake working as one of their agents to get this girl. The Elites are sad and pathetic.

  2. It is so crazy how much she looks like Elizabeth Perkins. I cant believe they’re not related. She is the spitting image of her

    1. She does. Natalie is pretty much out of the business on a full time working basis now. From what I see. After that black swan movie, she really could have been making a lot of money. But she got married and have kids. You can tell that she selects roles for the art and not the box office. That may change because she’s young enough to get good roles.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t know who she is. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Who is she? Seriously she look between 13-15. So why was Drake talking to her? I never seen her before now.

  4. I dnt c fear in her eyes, I c hot in the ass in her eyes!! 😩😄😄 Damn 11! 🤦🏾‍♀️ But did Drake “ initiate ” her?? Ashame

  5. So basically drake is a fucked up pedo , because no man with a conscious finds it ok to push this narrative idc what you guys say. This says a lot about his beta male bitch ass.

  6. It sounds like the elites forced drake to be texting her and stuff and pushed that narrative that they were carrying on convo. I don’t think he was doing it because he actually likes kids (that’s just what the post sounds like to me since it said they used him). Ever since all that drake hasn’t really been seen with her since. I bet once it’s time for drake to be deactivated and if he puts up a fight, they’ll try to put out stories of him being inappropriate with kids to ruin his rep and name. Seems like that would be the route they would have to go for him to be taken out when it’s time.

  7. I thought it was funny how no one mentioned the fact that a grown ass man was texting this little girl but everybody dragged Nicki for what her brother and husband have done smh

  8. This kid is ONLY 15 years old. They’re sick and pathetic. They’re taking this girls innocence. 😢 They literally would steal the sweet out of sugar! I always wonder what is wrong with these parents.

  9. She looks so worn out in the face. Her parents ain’t shit and I hear it’s her father especially who is thirsty af for the fame and using her as a cash cow. I’ve heard the stories of how annoying he is.

  10. If you go back to her IG you can see photos of her even at a younger age trying to portray herself a lot older and looking a little too mature (makeup, style of dress) that to me seemed very inappropriate for a girl her age and this is going years back. I always wondered where are her parents or the people around her that are supposed to protect her? And all you would see in the comments is everyone especially industry people applauding this. Very sad.

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