October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “ICYDK Darkside Of The Industry

  1. Time out. She didn’t get like this UNTIL she got with or her parents forced her with Jay. So why doesn’t anyone drag him as much as they drag her? If he’s truly the Devil?

    1. Because she’s a grown woman. Have you been living under a rock 😂😂 people do pick him apart. What’s wrong with picking them both apart, which the public does? So only the man should be talked about and not the woman, what happen with wanting equality? You say she didn’t get like this until she got with Jay, all very true, but she knew what she was doing when she got with him. She wanted to further her career and have that lifestyle so now she got it. When you mix good with evil, you don’t ever come out clean. You’re gonna be CONTAMINATED😕😕

  2. And how long does a sacrifice holds weight? Cuz it was one of these stories G told of how she bought her dads baby (I believe it was) , acted like she was gonna care for it and they used it as a sacrifice!?

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