October 3, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Didn’t We Tell Ya? Jhene Aiko Shades Ariana Grande Again For Sleeping with Big Sean

  1. I mean I see what jhene mean cause Ariana dated Sean when she was still known as cat from Nickelodeon and everyone would clown him saying he dating a little girl. I think he exposed her to the urban music world cause he was more poppin back then and kickstarted her image shift into the white Girl with the tan that talks black at times trying to sound hip. They both dickmatized, I’m surprised he ain’t asked for a threesome but jhene might cut him if he did haha. Typical man style though to not want someone but don’t want others having them either smfh

  2. You just said a mouthful when you called him a “classic man.” I wasn’t put on game until my mid 20s – I didn’t know men could be so selfish – they don’t want you but don’t want anyone else to have you either. I hope she let’s go there other men who can make you orgasm multiple times – she’s be surprised. I found that out in my mid-twenties too 💅🏾

  3. Jhene needs to chill with these shots at Ponytail. Jhene supposed to be sooo zen but she stay taking shots at that lil girl. I agree with some of the stuff she saying about Pony, but she need to give Big Sean that same energy. He’s the one flip flopping. If he was truly about either of them, he would get one and stick with them. Hell, he seem like he like them going crazy over him

      1. You know he will lmao. Ponytail just gone hop to the next big dick. Jhene will still be taking shots at the regular schmegular girl like a damn fool lmao

  4. Pony and Jhene are more similar than they release, they’re both water signs (Pony is a Cancer and Jhene is a Pisces). Both sighs are KNOWN for being possessive and falling in love once sex is involved. So the shot throwing is stupid, mainly with the fake zen persona Jhene carries plus she’s older and should know better. Sean is an Aries I believe and he’s just like Jhene, spiritually woken but being petty towards Pony. Personally, I never cared for he and Jhene as a unit and rather not hear anymore music together. Give me Sean’s album and that’s it. Sorry for this being really long

  5. This back and forth shit is starting to get on my D nerves !!! I’m convinced he got gold wrapped and he pissing gold cause it’s too many more men out here and they keep going back and going through all this drama for what

    1. I billion with her AND Jay put together. And took almost 30 years to get it. After the attorneys, revenues, marketing etc are paid they could be lavishly living from paycheck to paycheck.

  6. These two have the most confusing relationship to me. The lines are very blurred, so I’m gonna assume there’s a big level of toxicity there.

  7. Big Sean is a “Big Trick” and a Big Whore he’s incapable of being faithful in a relationship! He’s from the same city as me and every time he comes back to Detroit, he calls up a guy I used to hang out with from high school and my friend hooks him up with hoes and his preferences are white girls!

  8. I hate a woman take shots at other woman behind the common dickminator. Either stay with dick or move on, but another note, are Jhene and Sean trying capitalize relationships issues ala other famous singers involved unfaithful rappers.

  9. What a lot of people fail to realize is that when Ariana and Sean were together, Sean and Jhene were saying they had a brother/sister relationship. Ariana never got over Sean and you could tell. They also made great music together. Yeah Ariana took shots first but can you blame her? They were all once buddy.

  10. I may be in the minority here, but I would be all the way here for another Twenty88 album. I am one of those people who have definitely said another album would be lit. I’m definitely here for the mess. LOL

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