October 2, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/15

  1. There is only three artists that their catalog is valuable to me is Taylor Swift, Drake and Kanye. I am shocked that Taylor does not own her catalog.

  2. I am so tired of Taylor whining. Are they wrong for taking her Catalog? Yes. Was she and her parents dumb enough when she was young to basically not read the contracts to protect herself and STILL sign? YES. It never ceases to amaze me how people in the music industry continue to get duped out of publishing rights and catalogs. There have been sooo many people (Prince, TLC, New Edition &etc)who have fell victim to this problem & told their stories. Nobody listens & Nobody learns. They just want what Taylor has achieved. But once they get there, they learn in the long run they have been screwed. The price of selling your soul.

    Speaking of selling out, I guess Millie wants next 💁.

      1. He said in regards to the 09 incident, that he would beat a b1tch too if she gave him something(std)

  3. What did T.I. think was going to happen announcing his daughter’s virginity like that!! He’s been in the business long enough to know how this industry works

  4. TI wanted those offers or why else put that type pf news out there. And I thought Millie was already popped. She behaves as though she is, so that isn’t surprising. And who would be after Charlize? I thought she was apart of the agenda of depopulation.

  5. Taylor should have fought for her music more. She should go to court and see what happens. She has more than enough money. How did she and her family did not get ahead of this?!?! The woman have 10 years worth of hits she can’t use. That sucks bad. Go to court and see where it goes.

    T.I. is absolutely foul for doing his daughter like this. The guy is an absolute clown.

    PH is out of pocket and I agree with PayPal move. Disgusting 🤮.

  6. Paypal is so messed up to anything having to do with sex. I’ve had 13 accounts,careful to never leave money in there long enough because as soon as they find out your in the adult industry, your $ gets frozen. I do cam shows, escorting (aka hoeing) and as soon as PayPal gets the slightest clue-BOOM,$ frozen. My friend had $1200 sent to her. Because she had interactions with my account, they froze her money for 180 days!!

  7. I don’t feel bad for Taylor. Years of playing victim, telling obvious lies that can be debunked with proof. She lied on Calvin Harris, she lied on Katy Perry, and Kanye till they expose her ass. She thought she was going to use public pressure and her usual tactics to get what she wanted and it back fired cause scooter don’t hive a fuck. It’s the music Business at the end of the day. He did a smart business move. I feel like had she handled it privetpy from the start she wouldn’t have these issues right now. Now you want them to give you the relief you’ve denied others that you’ve played these same games with. Tables turn

  8. You could see the direction they have her going: l think she’s this generation’s Drew Barrymore and we see what happened with her

  9. Poor Deja this is so humiliating and she’s so young. Ti is dead wrong and I hope he apologizes to her and actually sees where he is wrong.

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