October 2, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Britney Spears

  1. So where is the “ real “ Britney? Does her family Knows that this person isn’t Britney? Where are they hiding the real people then?

  2. U keep saying that’s not her, is the real Britney dead or something?? ☹️😣 When they clone u do they kill off the original? This is scary

  3. Ummm… That IS Britney. The Britney I know in 2019 is the same Britney I met in 2000. Still very nice, shy and soft spoken. Slightly more erratic, but still the same person.

    1. What I think they do is they take a piece of the originals brain and put it in these clones. The brain can regrow and then probably remembers the trauma it went thru. Then they have to start all over again. That’s my theory lol

  4. I have been said that her face does not look the same for 10 years now. And it ain’t on no surgical shit either. Smh poor Britney

  5. So where is the real Britney? When do “they” decide you should be cloned? Do you get killed after getting cloned?

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