October 4, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/14

  1. Are they gonna “off” Mo’Nique??? I was wondering why she is coming with all of this now. I thought it had died out.
    Hold up…. statutory rape for Robin??? Do tell….👂👂👂

  2. Angelina Jolie needs to move around and focus on her 10 children

    Robyn needs to go back into obscurity. She looks desperate coming out with all this “tea” several years after whitney’s death. I do wanna hear more on this statutory rape stuff tho 👀👀

    Eddie 😩😩

  3. I would love it if y’all could do a full story on Ciara. I’d love to know why she fell off and how she still gets booked

    1. No Angelina didn’t her father is a famous actor John Vioght and her mother Marcheline Bertchand was an actress too.

  4. I don’t believe Robyn and Whitney relationship constituted statutory rape in NJ. Age of convent is 16 and they have that statute provision where as long as they were close in age which they were it would be legal

  5. Angie is garbage. I remember over 10 years ago, my friend who is a spiritual advisor/healer was telling me how she told Jennifer Anniston she would never get Brad back if she didn’t do something about it then. And she said Angie was into a lot of dark shit and evil AF. She sure wasn’t wrong.

  6. Damn I never even thought to put Charlie Murphy and Eddie bumping him off together! I know he had cancer, Eddie prolly use that to finish him off aww poor Charlie rip… speaking of, is that what stallion did to her mom??? 👀 crazy . What’s the beef b/w Anniston and Jolie? Don’t tell me she on some fizz type shit wit Omarion. Moniece said he did the same with that Jennifer girl from wife n kids: always trynna prove he can get whoever O gets. Like fizz foh it’s corny 🙄 Aaron oh Aaron 🤦🏾‍♀️ he’s deteriorating by the month
    And damn Monique, I forgot all abt that Netflix jawn. She should’ve just did it quietly. Bad enough nobody was with her on the boycotting of Netflix, she playing herself… next, no one gaf abt no Robyn Crawford but statuatory rape??? 👀 👀 bruh 😩 Drake Nd Adele, doesn’t makes sense. I don’t think they mesh well together Cher voice lol that’ll be one odd looking “ couple” 🤷🏾‍♀️. He prolly just trynna smash just to say he smashed. Anywho, good for Ciara even if it is her 1st & last. She’s kept a clean nose in the industry she deserves some leverage for herself besides being Russles wife… Good read Good read

  7. Im confused about Aaron Carter, is he on drugs drugs? meth? abusing pills? or is he being targeted or both? idk what to believe no mo

  8. Angelina ass better leave Jennifer alone. Why she so pressed Over Jen to where she gotta run up on her ex thangs?

  9. I hope the “last we see of Monique” means professionally 😬. If that woman dies in the midst of this, we will all know what’s up.

    Angie Jolie is a high class thot/hoe.

    Aaron Carter better stop running those games. He is going to end up seriously hurt or dead.

    I am going to blame it on the alcohol for Adele. I still say if Drake has been sending all these signals since her split and she rolled right past him for Skepta, she sees him nothing more than a friend. When you want somebody and both of you are free and clear, you are not making any detours 😂.

  10. What the hell does Angelina has against Aniston? What did Jen ever do that to girl? She barely did anything to her.. Jolie is a true nut job and a evil bitch. I heard she has been keeping the kids away from Brad as well.
    Can Monique let this go already… Did you mean that they can kill her? or they will kill her career?
    I don’t believe Eddie sacrificed his brother. I don’t think that is how Sacrifices work since he already had Cancer
    Aaron Carter is weird. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear something tragic about dude
    It’s weird that Robyn is now coming out with this. It screams desperate and I don’t think there was a point to it

  11. Speaks a lot about Angelina Jolie why would you knowingly want anybody’s sloppy seconds and hat do you mean this is the last we are gonna see of Monique?

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