October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Joe Budden & Tahiry

  1. This show is so fake! Lol how much do them checks be to be doing all of this? I need to know exact numbers because even if they doing it for TV, this is still such a wack story line.

  2. Yea I’m tired of all of them at this point black ink too everybody just trying to secure their spot and at a fool if necessary to do so I’m over it

  3. Speaking of fake what’s going on with newly saved erica mena and safaree their marriage looks real and are they really rich I need the tea

    1. I thought someone reported that the ring wasnt real and purchased by mona scott? The whole thing was a shame but erica caught feelings and wanted a baby? Seems like another cardi b situation smh.. Saforhead and them aint got no money..

      1. Wait the ring isn’t real
        And it seemed that safaree had a lot of money I mean he spoiling her like crazy

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