October 2, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everybody

  1. Tristan not cheating on me Khloe??
    Say it isn’t so. Will he finally marry her
    Nelly broke uh oh
    And what do you mean they went to Epstein’s island or something
    What’s the deal with Kevin hart?
    He looked fine to me

    1. I don’t think Tristan will marry her. He’ll cheat again tho

      I think it means they may have paid some folks off to avoid the me too stuff

      Lil Kev may not have even been in a wreck. Heav mentioned that it could’ve just been that he went through MK Ultra. All I know is that it’s not adding up

      1. oh wow that’s crazy
        Tristan not gonna Marry her wow
        And yeah kevin looked weird at the awards

    2. Me Kevin ddnt crack not 1 joke and i think he normally does. He’s diff to me! Wat did he say??? “ he wanted to thank “God” cause he ddnt have to be here” 🤔 not our God of course tho!

      1. I’m gonna have to check the award show out. I hadn’t seen him other that that small clip where he had that hoodie om

  2. “Went in the wallet” definitely means gay activity. I’m shocked off Forest tho 🥴. Def not surprised by Luke since he from the “freak” era

  3. First “like the clippers” now “in that wallet”? Can y’all please say things more straight up cause you confusing us 😩

    1. Like the clippers was a basketball reference. I’m guessing they always #1 idk but it definitely was a sport reference.

      1. The Clippers are like the step child of LA basketball teams. No matter how well the do or how poorly the Lakers have been (in the recent past), people still ride for the Lakers.

  4. Woah John Travolta 70 y.o ass is gay?? 😳 that took me! I knew drake n Kylie was gonna do a lil more than tx & chill. When does drake ever just chill or keep it friend level ?? He always smashes lol. And they tryflin: Married cheaters like that shits cute 🙄. It’s like y even get married 😤 and what does WENT IN THE WALLET mean?? Y’all stay wit the lil inside jargons & innuendos nobody knows about lol well atleast I don’t know about 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔😩

    1. That’s John T was one the first guys I found out about, it was all because of Pulp Fiction…him, sam jackson, and bruce willis they did the rituals and liked it!

  5. Thanks for the UK news!! Why Connor, why?? I’ve never been into Katie, she thought she’d never get old. Barbie doesn’t age but people do.

  6. You are on point with the John Travolta info bc I heard about him years ago.. Scientology outed him after he wanted out after his son passed away and he blamed them.. him and his wife blamed them bc they were told to stop giving the son his meds.. Scientology doesn’t believe in medicine etc smh messed up

  7. Tristan likes the attention being w/a Kardashian brings since his level of play as a BBall player leaves lots to be desired. He’ll ride out the attention for as long as he can while having side pieces all over

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