October 3, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Why Whitney Houston Fans Should Culture Jealous Robyn Crawford

  1. I love Whitney Houston. I wasn’t upset that Robyn came out with a book. The Houston family talk so bad about Robyn especially in the last “Whitney” movie. I looked as Robyn speaking her side of the story.

    1. I agree. Look at what all Pat did towards Whitney. At least Robyn waited 7 years to write her memoir and got the closure she needed. I am not mad at Robyn. But I will give her credit that LGBTQ community can spot on someone who is LGBTQ in a nanosecond! Dionne Warwick is definitely one.

  2. right! like if you wouldnt claim all that while she was alive dont do it now that she isnt here to defend herself FOH robyn! she was curious and obviously she liked bobby’s a lil bit better sis! PERIOD

  3. I think I remember Oprah’s interview before she passed, I think Whitney admitted she was addicted to sex and mattered who. I deduced from there Whitney may have went both ways. I didn’t matter to me, whom she slept with, it was sad that she didn’t seem at peace with her life.

  4. I believe her intentions for doing this is not pure. She’s doing this as an ego boost to her to slight Bobby. Now the narrative is “oh if she could be who she truly was and be with Robyn then she wouldn’t have turned to drugs” ugh no if thats the case and she really wanted to be with Robyn then she would have done that when she got a divorce from Bobby Brown. She says she’s doing it to protect Whitney’s image, people hardly even mention that gossip and if so so what that’s the least of the things that gets talked about when discussing her. I don’t think Whitney was truly bisexual, if anything she might have been curious and tried it a few times and stopped, obviously because she left you for Bobby who she stated several times was her soul mate. I believe she’s still envious that the world acknowledges Bobby when talking about Whitney so she had to tell the world to “save Whitney’s image” that she “had a piece of her” as well😏😏 yeah right😴😴😴

    1. I’m like wtf she yelling like that?? So is she “down” too??? Cause her ass been acting out lately like she under MK or sum 😩🤔 shit her mom did die not long ago.

      1. Yes that’s exactly why i said that😂😂and lil kim pops died too. This shit is so noticeable now and then drake got booed😭😭😭im ctfu. Its over for the industry. Then summer walker chile.

    2. Yes all these years Trina been all calm n shit but lately her ass been off her dam rocker all that dam yelling n shit! Fuck wrong with her? Shit probably fucking with her from wat May have happened with her mom🤔 and idk lil kim pops died too🤦🏽‍♀️ Lawd these ppl fame and fortune krazy!! I dnt see how they do it! Do U see how Trina cuzn bobby lites dressing like a woman now??? He so dam pretty like a girl anyway wit all that dam eyeliner n shit he be having on! He so prissy 😂😂

  5. This reminds me of when Luther passed away, and years later patti went on Oprah show to confirm him being gay. I will never understand how people feel the need to discuss others who have passed on business smh…

  6. I mean that’s part of Robyns story too. They way they did her. I was waiting for it. At least she got her side out.

  7. It’s mighty suspicious that Robyn is coming out with her story now that I’ve seen those ridiculous pictures of Bobby Brown. I suspect Bobby isn’t really Bobby anymore because he looks so different. I just feel like he would’ve come out and said something about this Robyn bullsh*t….

  8. So Robyn is putting dirt in Whitney’s legacy? Whitney was a self admitted drug abuser from the age of 14. Lol Doesn’t sound very “Christian”. And what does having a lesbian fling have to do with her being Christian? I know of plenty good people and or Christians being gay…with that being said, this woman has all the right in the world to write about her friend and at one time lover. She spent decades with Whitney, living with her, assisting her, taking trips with her. Let her tell her story, she has spoken out about Whithey after decades of silence…and she has done it in a respectful way. It’s very clear to me she loved Whitney and wanted the best for her and clearly Whitney cared about as well. Tell your story Robyn, I’m here for it!

  9. It’s amazing to me how willing these “friends” and “confidants” get so inspired to tell these celebs’ story after they die. I feel like the fact that Whitney never “came out” bc that wasnt her truth. If Whitney was gay/bi, she would’ve been embraced just as much as she is to this day.

    Robyn, sister sir, you should’ve just kept that to yourself. She may have been the love of your life, but you have a wife that you should be focused on. Your truth will never erase the fact that she chose Bobby over you.

  10. Ugh. If she had that much love for Whitney, she would keep her mouth shut and protect what was left of her legacy. She seems like all she’s focused on is an excuse to shit on Bobby and make some money in the process. So it’s all about her and has nothing to do with her “love”.

  11. Exactly! That bitch pissed me tf off with that mess. All of these ppl coming out w/ these stories are sick. If Bobbi hadn’t died like she did, all of this shit would have surely sent that baby over the edge.

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