October 3, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/12/19

  1. Drake is all over the place – literally Rihanna, Kylie, Adele – who else is there?? Sheesh!
    Why would TI daughter be living with anyone other than her mother!? 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Let me clean this up – Men / Boys / Guys in general WITH NO MONEYSSSSSS be all over the place. DRAKE IS SINGLE, FAMOUS, HANDSOME AND WEALTHY why would anyone expect anything less than him dipping in a plethora of PONDS. 🤦🏾‍♀️ my fault.

      1. Still crazy to think about though!
        In an alternate universe where it were you in that position, would you live that way?
        I’m not sure I wouldn’t 😂

  2. Sheesh it seem like there is always another layer to drake and Nicki feud. What could be so terrible that they may never be friends again? Did he smash, she got pregnant and ended the pregnancy? Did she say something about Adonis? Did she threaten his mama? Lol at this point those would be the ONLY thing that would surprise me. Anything else would just be regular pettiness that we used to seeing from these two.

    1. Right like what else is there? I get he was probably upset Nicki didn’t back him up when the ghost writing thing came up but did he back her up when they was saying it about her? Come on now what else is there 😩

      1. Right like she did what she did during that time but karma came back around and people started saying SHE had a ghostwriter and he didn’t defend her. He Got even. This last fall out happened randomly and didn’t seem like something sparked it besides maybe her rejecting him again? Idk. I’ve always said I’ve felt like there was much more to Nicki and drake than most would know. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually DID smash at one point and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicki actually did like drake more than a friend but she just plays it off like she don’t for whatever reason. Possibly that whole I like to be the dominant one in the relationship crap.

    2. Drake is annoying me now…Khloe been a fool but she’s keeping Tristan in the public eye… with Lebron gone- she’s really the only reason people talk about him.

    3. I’m wondering the same! I think she may have liked Drake as more than a friend at one point & think they may have smashed, but not until probably ‘15-17. I think she’s a mad jealous type & knows that he will never be faithful to her. And/or entertains other women while dealing with her because he can’t take her seriously.

  3. 1. T.I. does and says things for attention, which is why I ignore most of his antics. That daughter is too grown on IG to not be doing other things teenagers do.

    2. Khloe & Tristan = NoFucksGiven (by no means am I saying to not still give us the sugar)

    3. I hope Lamar gets a prenup…he should still protect what little he may have

    4. Are we ever going to get the Misa sugar?!

    Love the blog and everyone’s hard work that keeps us coming back for more.

  4. I know you lying! T. I. Made a whole deal about his daughters hymen being in tact to letting this girl live with a older man, that is NOT him(her father). The fact that he was so messy exposing his daughter’s private information, makes me believe it.

    Jeez ,Drake this is NOT musical chairs. Last time I saw, Adele was hot over the Skepta dude. I think if she was interested in Drake as her man, she would have went with him out of the gate. Chances are for her, he is just a good friend.

  5. Something is really off about Lamar new fiancé. Who is lil Reese and what happened to him? Anything concerning any Kardashian I keep scrolling (they all annoying). And Drake is a confused young man🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. I don’t understand how Nicki can start the beef with drake and keep it going this long. She’s the one who didn’t have his back. Nicki is low key a narcissist sometimes

  7. I’m glad Rihanna didn’t settle with Drake, smh! And Nicki is buggin’ to think Drake owes her any loyalty after all she’s done to him.
    Side note—Was getting booed off stage a humiliation ritual for Drake?

  8. Drake, Kylie, Tristan, Nicki and any other Kardashian hoes are really boring topics… Can we please take a break from these people?

    1. I wondering if hoemena my bad she’s saved and safaree marriage is real and his rich rich?? Because he buying a lot of diamonds

  9. I thought it was a bit much when T.I. gave Deja that engagement ring to keep “boys” away but she hardly ever wore it. He is like obsessed with her but in a weird way.

    1. Deja is beautiful and Ti is a perv so I wouldn’t put it pass him to be pulling a donald trump.. just nasty smh

  10. TI need to focus on his peeta weeta only. He can’t even keep it between him and his wife. His ignorance about virginity and shit in general shows how much of an idiot he is. For all we know, lil sis could be pounded to infinity and beyond with an unharmed hymen, but its not our business bc she grown. He lowkey sound like he wanna smash.

    I feel like Lamar’s fiancee has him in some sort of trance. I smell a scammer so I hope he getting prenups in place

    Dear Diary, it’s been 50-leven days and Khlobacca still falling for Tristan’s shit 🤡🤡

    1. He didn’t, that was at last year’s Astroworld Festival. He only shouted out Stormi this year. I honestly think the KarJenner’s are trying to promote a story line to make Kylie not look like a desperate, plastic, sad little girl. I can’t imagine having to live your life for story lines, so I feel for her, but damn it’s all gone way too far.

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