October 3, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/10/18

  1. Does ANYBODY UNDERSTAND THIS: IG Taking likes is just like the Clippers every year   They gonna rule #1.
    If yes can you explain what it means? 🤔 I’m lost in the sauce.

    1. All I know is that there’s been discussion about Instagram taking away the like button feature. They were tying it to people self esteem (or something like that. In regards to the Clippers – I don’t follow them so I don’t know

    2. I think it’s because the worst team usually gets top pick on the next year’s draft. So ig is losing by taking away the likes just like the clippers don’t get likes because they lose all the time. Then they get first pick each year

      1. Mister D thanks – and I’m still confused. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I don’t know anything about soccer or tennis picks.

  2. This tea piping hot! We already knew SB was cheating while married (you told us), shocked Bey thinking of leaving Jay & Tyga hitting up his bm.

    1. Yea G told us about SB cheating a while back but who is the chik tho??? I heard B4 it was his hair braider then i heard It was PrettyVee so i just Wanna kno which one is it 🤔

  3. Where’s G when you need her?! Any-who, if IG is taking away the like feature to help people “boost” their self esteem, wouldn’t it make since to do same with the comments? I mean people will still chew whomever out in the comment section any way.

    I say keep the “like” feature and modify the comments situation.

    Kartrashians annoy my soul, like ohdee! Khloe never learns; Tristan is just using her to stay relevant, that’s the only thing bro has going for himself at this point. Pretty soon the league will be done with him and who knows, maybe she’ll “dump” him.

  4. I’m lost.

    Only thing i understood is that Beyonce has been contemplating leaving Jay Z…. wonder what was the last straw?? Lol

  5. Beyoncé needs to leave ole chapped lips Dusty extraterrestrial jay z
    Question is Tristan still cheating ?
    Tyga hitting up chyna ?
    I can’t believe ppl don’t see through Kanye
    Smh at Shannon
    Any tea on ray j

    1. Tristian is Jamaican he will always cheat. Always. Khloe knows this. She’s obsessed with him. Crazy.

  6. Beyoncé ain’t going nowhere. She needs to stop wasting folks time pretending that she is 😄😄.

    As for Jay not speaking to Kanye for the whole year, I can believe that. Did they ever make up after Kanye threw them under the bus at his concert? And did Kanye pay him his money back?

    I know Travis ain’t happy about Drake being under Kylie. Drake and Trey really out here looking like the old creeps in the club plotting on these young women in their early twenties.

  7. Nicki Minaj did a live on IG about them taking away likes. It’s not about people’s self esteem but about people creating business (and getting paid)on IG based upon the amount of likes they get. Now those companies will have to go through Instagram (and pay them) to get that information. That makes more sense because how are you helping people’s self esteem if you can still leave crazy comments that everyone can see?

  8. “Instagram taking likes, is like the Clippers every year, they gonna rule #1”- In the end the Instagram is gonna stay on top. With or without the likes. The company will always put themselves 1st. They won’t lose. * my interpretation, could be wrong*

    Of course Travis is not Happy with Drake texting or whatever with Kylie. Especially since it appears that the 2(Kylie/Travis) are back on. Aren’t those 2(Drake/Travis) supposed to be “friends” 😒.

    Khloe is sad and pathetic. It is one thing to be continuously humiliated on a low scale(only people in the neighborhood know). But it is another to be humiliated in front of the world and SHARE the humiliation on a national tv show. Girl go hide under a rock.

    Beyonce, girl, stop contemplating and JUST DO IT. Grow some balls like your good sis, Solange. At this point hun, YOU keep Jay Z relevant. He needs you. You don’t need him.

    Kanye…. Nevermind. There are times that Kanye doesn’t know what Kanye is saying.

  9. Beyoncé honesty should just bite the bullet and leave Jay but the benefits come with with it are probably addicting. In the long run I think she would be better off than staying

  10. Y’all I have offered many times to proofread for this blog. PLEASE take me up on my offer. This is a wonderful blog with the best tea, but this lack of professionalism should be addressed. We need to raise the bar for ourselves and stop saying “Y’all know what I meant” in regards to all this typos.

  11. Tyga talking to his baby mama!? Blac chyna or kylie!? Lol

    Speaking of kylie how does she feel that khole taking Tristan back??? When is it going to hit the public that they are back together?

    Beyonce should’ve been left.

    I dont get the kanye line.

  12. Btw what happened between tyga and that cousin that goes with heather sanders? They use to be inseparable and now they don’t seem to even talk or hangout anymore.

  13. Can we get clarification on the Kanye and Clippers Tea?

    Also, the only baby Mama we know for Tyga, is Chyna. Why is it written like there’s somebody else? Lol..

  14. Jay wants nothing to do with Kanye, since he’s been doing a lot of talking about Trump this year. He probably thinks talking to Kanye will fuck up his bag with the NFL

    Contemplating? GIRL LEAVE. is she thinking about where her career will be post divorce? With the bey hive by her side, I can see her having some sort of breakthrough after Jay. I’m sooo sick of her chasing clout, where’s the humbled Bey at?

    Welp, Khloe.

    Side note: Drake getting booed off stage last night….humiliation ritual? Is his time up?

  15. I can only see Bey thinking about leaving Jay cause Solange left her old man.

    Will she really do it tho? I highly doubt.

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