October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood ” Running Off At The Mouth 11/7/19 Episode 2

  1. All facts! I stumbled across a lot of what Heav is talking about years ago. He is telling ALL the truth! The truth is so satisfying…

    1. I always remember reading that spill the sugar article about Jay & Cathy White. The alleged murder and affair. That shit is wild

  2. This reminds me of Chris’s Rock’s old stand-up when he was talking about how when a couple is together & one is just staring at you because “you were not their first choice”

    That is a mouthful, but it explains all the cheating & disrespect. Yikes

  3. Speaking facts early on heaven! Not to expose too much of the video but when you were discussing kids in showbiz, parents really do force they kids to do show business not knowing the consequences. Most young kids when asked what they wanna be when they grow up they say “I wanna be a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut” but then parents put them in showbiz or they get exposed to it so much they then switch over to I wanna be a singer, but not on they own accord. Most kids today are so consumed by youtube they say they wanna be YouTubers when they grow up! Crazy…

    1. Fantastic point. I have to say for the last 2 years all the things G tells us doesn’t go over my head. My daughter and son will never touch that industry. My daughter wants to be a singer. I’m like noooo way

  4. I’m curious to know how MK Ultra works for athletes vs. actors and singers? I ask only because athletes rely so heavily on their physical performance more so than musicians and actors.

  5. So my question is with Rihanna…was Hassan picked for her or was that set up? Cause I remember it being stated that if she wanted to get out she would lose her fortune but he was wealthy enough that it didn’t matter.

  6. What about Cathy White and Jay Z? He allegedly had her killed bc their affair got out, right? That shit is crazy.

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