October 3, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Sports Lies n Videotapes Sports and Pop Culture Tea The Truth About Fox Sports Firing Chris Carter

    1. I really did wonder what happened to Chris Carter…I loved his C’mon on mannnnnnn….he got in someone’s face….Everytime we step in someone’s face it becomes and issue bc they see blacks as aggressive in nature. We speak very passionate about what we believe and know.. can’t help it if our voices invoke the scared factor out of wusses.

  1. I like the segments where y’all talk about sports gossip, because I’m a big sports fan. But CC definitely made that show and i can also see where he can be a little condescending at times lol I hope he wasn’t fired for speaking out against diversity on Thursday Night Football, but then again what did you really expect from Fox 🤪

  2. Thanks for giving us the REAL story. I watch that show every morning. I was wondering about what happened. They weren’t giving too much information. But I agree, drugs/alcohol/violence, I figured it was one of those. But I thought Cris and Nick’s relationship was cool. I can’t wait to read more.

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