July 2, 2022

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61 thoughts on “P.S.A From Heaven Hollywood

  1. K, for one this blog is not even no more than a Starbucks coffee so that person is a jerk to ask for a refund for all the juicy tea and SUGAR we receive…. second, that live today was life cause I don’t remember G mentioning the dude Aaron going down to Barbados to scout talent…

    Loved the two part video today and I look forward to more videos ❤️

    1. Smh…they better take they lil $3.00 and carry on! I would give them they money back, boot they ass and still block them on YouTube…NO CONTENT FOR COMPLAINERS!!

    2. Seriously. It was the price of two coffees for me (6 months access, I think, and then access to Heaven’s blog). People will literally whine about anymfthing. 🙄 This tea is lit and is responsible for having me scrolling at 3 am tryna find out what happened to the music idols from when I was younger!

  2. Oh helllllll nahhhhhhh … Heaven comes with the total package ! We talking Blog, YouTube & Lives 🙌🏽 … but you can have that Starbucks coffee money back 😩

  3. People get on my damn nerves, for what we pay is literally NOTHING compared to what we get. There isn’t nobody and I do mean NO👏🏽BO👏🏽DY that gives us what G and Heaven gives us. People would be complaining like hell if G was to charge us 10.00 a damn month for stale tea. I wouldn’t give that person nothing but escorted tf off the sight, let me help you boo, it’s that way👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽

  4. That just goes to show people are only picking and choosing which content to pay attention to. G and heav discuss two totally different things because they both have connections to two totally different fields (heav has backstories of music and G has backstories of PR, Acting, Music etc.) G comes on and spills on stuff that heav has never even spoke on, so if you’re on G’s Blog you should also be reading her content not just heaven’s. Let me say that again Remember this Is G’s blog not heaven’s he just helps out with keeping it spicy! People suffering from PTSD because that other blog be getting over with stale tea for $80+ dollars and they think everyone out to get them! Also folks just like to complain about stuff because they want tea for free and that ain’t how this works, not when you giving tea that ain’t supposed to be told and can put you in danger!! G and Heav stay sticking they neck outs and people remain ungrateful. So yeah I say give them they money back and block them from the blog and all IG pages associated with the blog, so they don’t be lurking for free. They can find they tea elsewhere even though it’s gonna be stale and watered down.

  5. No meed to comment Heaven. If you deal w complainers, they will always complain. If you give them no attention, they starve and die off.

  6. Heaven, keep posting. I love your content. The person complaining will be just find. I’m sorry you’re having to reply to the pettiness.

  7. That person can always go to that blog that’s charging hundreds of dollars for less tea and more bullshit.,.🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Some people are really really special…. all they do is complain, complain, complain. Never happy with anything.

    Love your stuff and look forward to more videos!

  9. People can and will be very petty. Just keep it movin and don’t let them tear you down. I enjoy the lives on ig, blog stories and YouTube.

  10. People are just miserable! I loved your YouTube videos and I listen to your lives but there were things that you mentioned that you didn’t mention before. I’m happy with the content and can’t wait for part 3 🤗🤗

  11. I’m tired of 1 or 2 people fucking it up for everyone, I find $5 in my dryer at least twice a year. Is it really that serious. Heav & G stop explaining yourselves for you content. No more P.S.A s . Either people or riding with the blog or no.

  12. FUCK THEM !!!! listen I’ve been here since G was doing back stories on her first IG page. I never complain when i hear something again. Who ever that is needs to kick rocks because they probably feeding stories to the other blogs !

  13. I enjoy everything you bring to the Lives, which I miss due to work lately (insert frown). If you do over lap, I’m glaad becuase I’m sure I’m missing great tea, when I can’t be on the Lives. So keep doing what you do Hev!! WE Hittas appreciate it!!!

  14. Heav, you and G need to stop allowing these nobodies to get to y’all. These bum ass, dollar paying hoes spend more on lashes than this tea! Next time one ask for they money back send it in pennies!

  15. It’s simple NO FUCKING REFUNDS YOU GOT YOUR $7.00 worth of HOT tea so far from Hev….so move along you cry baby hater and when I find out who you are you will get exposed….I definitely know you a EX Heavy Hitta and to make it worse you know the rules already and know how Hev gets down and you do this b s. You a PUNK BITCH…..If You reading this you know my IG 👊🏽

  16. Heav, you and G are doing a great job…dont give the dumb ones your energy. I dont always have the chance to see the lives and youtubes (I try, but have 2 disabled toddlers running around) but I always open this up to check a few times a day..so I’m happy if some stuff is being cross posted!! Thank You for all of the hard work you guys do Heaven and G.

  17. As a reader I’m tired of people coming at the writers/bloggers. Leave them and us that want to hear their tea the F*** alone. It’s not that serious. Dont want to hear that particular story dont read.

  18. Man Heav ……..what she pay damn i will refund her ass…….. just leave people!!!!! $5 DAMN DOLLARS YALL CANT BE SERIOUS

  19. I love this blog- I don’t ever tune in to any lives bc I don’t spend a lot of time on IG like that. I’m still baffled at how cheap this content is. No complaints my way- but thank you for all that you share.

  20. Aww u and G do a great job. 🤬🤬🤬 whoever made that complaint. Whyyyy are people complaining about this good azz info we get. Smh. Makes no sense

  21. Heaven, I appreciate all that you do. It’ll always be naysayers in the bunch so oh well. Fuck them people! Signed, a Heavy Hitter

  22. I’m completely satisfied with everything that the Blog, Lives, Posts, etc have time offer I have learned a lot about the industry! I applaud the whole team! Thank you all 😊

  23. We are very happy with Heaven and the whole blog 😄, the information shared is really good, that one person does not represent the rest of us. I think it is very good value ☺️

  24. I say ban and block the complainers from the blog, social media and YouTube. They are chronic complainers and we don’t need to be distracted by them. PERIOD

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