October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood ” Running Off At The Mouth 11/6/19 part 2

  1. Love this!!! Can’t wait for the next video: damn Beyoncé not only is third pick but her “man” happier around other women… she is not a queen

  2. How embarrassing married to a man who cheeses & grins ear to ear when around other women not named his wife

    Why do they never hold their man accountable that has the wandering eye? & the thing is, there were SEVERAL women Jay has been w/b4 & after yet she only has this animosity towards 1 👀

    & not only that, the person she refuses to work w/has built a bigger empire outside of music & has better hits compared to her meanwhile she has to resort to all these stunts & nonsense for relevancy. You hate to see it

  3. I love this segment! But Hev, you don’t have to say allegedly lol. We know what you really saying to us #ijs

  4. Heres the thing the tea is piping! But you cant be mad about a situation her mother created for her! How could she be any different!

  5. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Keep
    Lighting it up Heav!!!!!! This shit is soooooo on point as always !!! It’s starting to make sense !!!

  6. Yassss Heav! Idk why Bey gets so upset. The camel been for everybody, especially if he see a young tenderoni. Bey just need to keep that energy she got towards Rih, with the camel also.

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