October 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Quick Hits 11/4/19

  1. Megs gotta SAY something the way that VIDEO snippet of him tryna get her to drive the boat been floating around – ppl been arguing under THE VIDEOs posts about him being a creep and her looking uncomfortable 😳🙄 whew Chile it’s been a time in the comments of that video snippet!

      1. Neicy Nash. I wonder if oprah ever got an std from all the carpets she be munching. It seem like she will munch whoever catches her eye

  2. I don’t know if I want Riri/Drake in business together

    She literally took her empire to the next level w/Fenty & Fenty Beauty w/her vision & drive & has several things in the works for more

    I’m just not seeing the Rihanna fans go out in droves for OVO stuff the way they ride for her solely

    1. It’s like he’s saying “if I can’t be w/her anymore @ least I can still make money using her name” 👀 I hope she sees through it

      1. I never liked Drake. I just feel like he steal a little of everyone swag to be Drake. I found out he’s involved with the Top Boy Series (Based in UK) and a lot of the Actors on that show rap. So I find A song of Drakes and he actually sound just like them. I said he sneaky and will steal your style quick.🤦🏾‍♀️

      2. I hope so too because honestly she’s doing damn well by herself. She doesn’t need to do a collaboration with anyone and certainly not him.

    2. There’s plenty of navy stans that love Rih and drake together in anyway so some will support however there also are some that are mad at drake for collabing with breezy after what he did to Rih so others are lowkey mad at him too. Who knows what could happen. I think they would sell good. Drake probably just trying to show her they do good business together so that’s why they should link back up. Still competing with Hassan haha.

    3. True. It would probably be better for her keep building her brand solo. That way nobody can say they did this or that for her. And she can keep all the coins.

  3. Drake itching to be petty by recording with Cardi and chasing a bag lol

    Hopefully karrueche and Vic work things out, really want her to have a happy ending. Chris gonna flip the script if they break up and be back on the BS.

  4. I follow niecey… I noticed her husband is completely absent and the memes she posts always seem to subs like those, insightful “when you break” up posts, but don’t nobody know your biz. Those Oprah pics look identical to the visit she had with Oprah with her peoples… I thought they were throwbacks to last year or earlier this year! If that’s her new body it looks like a touch up only. She is everywhere now… like… everywhere and always posting more than usual… sad case of affairs…I thought the OW thing was her getting ready to “cross to the other side of the game, if you catch my drift…Eminem… must want to be committed to the ward for real… don’t think he can handle rhi at all and he’s not her type at all. I knew it was Solo and not homeboy!! Wasn’t y’all the ones that said she had a “problem”??… maybe be a she was depressed.. glad she’s ok though.

  5. Drake and Rhianna keep giving the Aubrih stans hope lol. If only they knew lol. I really hope that if Rhianna does this, she keeps it professional. You tried several times sis, it didn’t work, move on.

      1. 😂😂. It is sad but is true lol. Something definitely isn’t right if you keep swimming in the sea with exes 😂.

      1. I saw on some blog meg had a new persona named suga and she besties with her alter ego tina snow. Did someone teach meg about the personas? Or she just doing it

  6. I think y’all wrong about Big Sean and Jhene I am working on the proof but I actually think they are married got to pay attention to them and I hear Jhene was expecting his baby….. We’ll see

    Drake will work with anyone that is clear
    Rihanna better stay away from drake he gone hoe her again!!

    Niecy said she fine and flying

    Kae and Victor will break up by the end of 2020 and Chris will be right there to try to get her again

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