October 4, 2022

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54 thoughts on “Blind Sugar  11/3/19

  1. I think the second one might be Diddy/Lori H however she’s not a celebrity offspring so that’s what’s throwing me off. However the rest of it fits

    1. Word! Honestly she should be a sidekick on that performance cause she ain’t shit next to Shakira! Yet JLo thinks she’s the queen of everything. She wants to have her hands in everything and be the main attraction at all times.

    1. JLo is doing the halftime at the Superbowl this year…I’m assuming Shakira must be doing it with her. I think JLo is salty because Shakira is actually talented and is getting more shine

  2. Oooh, I dont know a single one of these juicy tidbits. Oh no wait… #2. I thi I that was Lori Harvey and Diddy. But I’m gonna wait to see what the others say.

    I kinda feel like JLo is the American born singer in #1, but I have no idea who the other is.

  3. They trying to give shine to Shakira not J-Lo

    Which one of Diddy’s boys got jealous over Lori and snitched haha

    Ray J done got caught and snitched on smh better be cool before drizzy hit ya girl cheeks again haha.

  4. Draya is POP’N now – but why??? Is her new found popularity based on her getting money and now she’s hanging out with a certain class of ppl (Kylie J). I mean she went from BBW thotiana to hot getting money mamiana and she has different streams of revenue/ income and seems to be doing very well for herself. She’s got her own brand a nail shop plus she’s a brand ambassador for the likes of Revolve and Fashion Nova… whew Chile we talmbout rags to big riches! Is that what they’re after?? I mean these days she is a good look!!

    1. I always liked Draya thotty butt I don’t know why? But I do say Draya is one of the pioneers of deleting their Ho-fax.

    2. I cancelled draya ass when she came out with her clothing line Fine Ass Girls and I’m straight and was like girl bye then when she was on bbw she would were these hats wit F.A.G. on it SMH girl if she don’t get the fuck….ASAP

  5. Whewwww. A hot A mess all of these are !!!! The first one I’m stumped ! But the second one is Diddy and Lori and Justin I think told it. The last one is Draya and Ray J

  6. And lastly Draya did BBW used that as a platform to catapult her career in a completely different (SUCCESSFUL) direction and has never looked back! Meanwhile some of those women who’ve done the show he’ll may still be doing the show could take some tips and direction from her because clearly she got the exposure she needed and moved on up and away from the BS! Kudos to her ex hoe ass 😂

    1. Is Draya still engaged? Her fiancé has been bouncing from team to team and I’m wondering if they are still together..

  7. I’m thinking #1 is Jlo and hips don’t lie Shakira
    #2 Is Lori & Diddy bop but which son showed his daddy proof tho is the tea 🤔
    #3 I think is Draya & Ray J

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