October 5, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/1/19

  1. Epstein and Trump? You mean Epstein and THE CLINTONS, as well as many relevant celebs, politicians, royals, etc. I’m all for truth, and I’m really disappointed in what this page has turned in to. Your page was what lead me to seek the truth, and I have been red-pilled since then, so thanks for at least being the intro to the rabbit hole.

    1. Epstein used Trumps Mar a Lago resort to recruit girls for the island. There’s an entire New York Post article where one of the girls puts it all.

    2. If you go back and read G named all of the people tied to Epstein and that sick island. The Clintons were named.

    3. This has The Clintons written all over it. They have a long list of bodies. But it’s the thing these days to be so anti Trump at every damn turn so…

    4. Please dont bring Trump support into this post or blog. It will be a carnage and you will get blocked, not us. Ijs. You are only worth $10 chicas. Dont pipe up!

  2. Why are they killing all the young singers
    And Kim and Kanye divorce he better call Jesus
    Trump linked to Epstein I thought he was sent from God
    Is apryl and fizz really in love?
    Selena and Justin looked good together

  3. Monica and Shannon’s settlement seems peaceful . It didn’t take years, it was quiet for the most part, and there’s no child or spousal support to pay. Seems like they both won in the end, wish them the best

  4. Hmmmmm. A lot of this weirdness going on between Apryl and Fizz is annoying for one and two how and the fuck !!!! Smhhh Omarion is not respected.

    Trey songz been trying to get Meg the Stallion you called it G but hmmmm… who knows where that’ll go, he prolly gon get what he want. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Epstein Island was apparently the devil’s playground and people with money, power, and influence let their guard down… idk why his death was a surprise… I like Meg- she seems too much for Trey… I actually think Fizz & Apryl make a cute couple… love is love and they’ve been linked for much longer that their recent public fiascos so hopefully this newfound publicity doesn’t tarnish their relationship…idk Famous Dex but I wish these upcomers would research the history of rock & roll and steer clear of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and beef.

  6. Poor Brittney! That poor girl has literally been put threw the ringer..prayers for her!

    I believe it! Kim posting Nori in the lil devil costume seemed not so supposrtive and more like a slap in the face

    April and Fizz…they’re just annoying.. they could a handle this situation better but I think they like bothering others or the attention idk

    That Monica piece interesting. I always wondered what’s going on in her marriage..did something cause them to break up?

  7. Love the hot takes segment! I’ve been wondering about Malika ever since she announced her pregnancy. Any details on that?

  8. I can see Kim and Kanye calling it quits in the near future.

    I think if it goes down with Meg and Trey, it will be just a hit it and quit it. Then they both will move one lol.

    Lizzo better get ready. She wants to be down with the Elites, watch how many more problems she is gonna run into. The song writing issue is just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. I’m waiting for G’s take on Nicki linking up with Tasha K. Nicki is not letting up on any of her adversaries. Pretty bold move, not sure if it’s good one though… She is never going to be over the whole Cardi thing. I feel like she’s trying to bait Cardi into having a reaction.

  10. Idk what happened to her and Omarion but damn she must really hate that dude.. on another note I hope the kids don’t get caught in the middle..that’s the worst

  11. You know what sad… everybody want to be in the industry either raping singing or acting. Look what going on sooner or later all this shit gonna be expose and what are ppl gonna do then, truth he told its already exposed its just no one is listening. Damn

  12. Has anyone noticed now that Kanye is getting all of the recognition for overcoming his Bi-polar disorder and being seen as the next Big CHRISTIAN figure….His wife is Now Opting to have the children baptized in ARMENIA (With husband absent) with sister by her sister by her side while I noticed that Kourtney KIDS did not get baptized (Scott was also not present). Anywhoo….she’s pushing this Armenian religion but seems to be disregarding his or pushing his to the side…Something doesn’t set right…I don’t no Just my observation

    1. Yeah and for halloween he was dino and not fred smh this is an example of someone wanting something so bad but eventually you don’t want it nomore and start to question yourself. (Kanye that is)

  13. Unwind w/ Tasha K DROPPED THE DAMN KETTLE, MoneyBagO is married pulled receipts of the wife posting personal videos of him & subbing Meg! & she’s gna be on Queen radio next week!!

    I think Omarion has something on April and or Fizz, deep down she shows the world how hurt she is, it’s really fucking sad

    1. Damn. I read on another blog that it’s the other way around. Allegedly Fizz and Apryl has something on O and that’s why he’s been quiet. I mean, Idk

  14. I had a feeling Epstein was killed the minute they found his body. I never believed he took his own life.

    I was shocked when I read that Shannon got the house. I dunno why, but that truly surprised me. I guess I’m used to hearing the the wife get the house.

    I think the Apryl and Fizz are carrying on is classless and disgusting. Apryl better hope Omarion isnt saving all of these high and drunken videos and compiling a spreadsheet of her antics for family court. He’d stand a good chance of getting primary custody.

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