October 5, 2022

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54 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents Running Off at The Mouth… All Kinds Of Sugar Present Future and Past

  1. Giselle and Sanaa got a lot in common 🐸 ☕️
    Pebbles and Marlon seem like an odd pairing and I still cant picture Michael having sex

  2. At first I was thinking it was Mo from RHOP LOL but then I was like she don’t be always calling him Daddy…But Mo (the comedian) always do…that marriage is fucking disgusting to me. Gabby looks like a damn freak with her Evelyn 2.0 ass 😂. Bippy bop and Frenchy got it on with Sanaa oh I bet regina was pissed that sanaa letting all them dicks in her puss 😾. Jada had these women checking in to fuck her husband lawd mercy….. 🤔 I wonder did all the men do the same ☕. God bless his soul Michael but after his transformation I can’t imagine him sticking his dong in a female. Pebbles was a gold digging, money chasing freak hoe…..The End. LA creepy ass with Salli “killer pussy” whew chileeeeeeee I would love to hear more about them if possible….If y’all don’t know about her chileeeee check out the blog on her ☕….her life should be a movie.

      1. Which is crazy esp if you watch her black love episode with her husband she basically said if either of them cheat they ain’t going no where but the living room

      1. Denzel and Will had an issue because will bought Eva to Hollywood but denzel was on her shit and he wanted her to be fuckin him only so he had an issue with her fuckin Will because he said damn Will Smith he may have bought you to Hollywood but i bought you to the screen

      1. Yeah! He! That is why married her. But I must admit when she Half n in Biker Boyz, I knew she was definitely was one.

    1. Can you clarify the Denzel part? Are you saying Denzel wanted Will but Jada could keep him away or get him to “clear it?” Or Denzel couldn’t stay away from Eva Mendes?

      On a side note Will and Eva would explain a lot because they were photographed tonguing each other down on the red carpet for Hitch. I never forget that

      The Mo and Sidney tea is interesting. Is he bisexual? For some reason I was under the impression Mo picked up men for him. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Wasn’t Michael at one time messing with that one girl from the group Jade? That song “keep it in the closet” was about her?

  4. Good tea but the Denzel part is hella confusing!

    And I ain’t mad at Sanaa. I don’t think it’s bad at all. If it was two dudes fucking one female it would be non-issue So get it Sanaa! Be a sex machine, girl!

    Monique and her husband don’t surprise me one bit. And Monique has a lot of masculine energy herself.

  5. Eva Mendes and Sanaa Lathan were in the movie Out of Time with Denzel. Eva was keeping the D from Denzel when she was fucking Will. Sanaa was also giving Denzel the goods.

  6. I feel like EVERYONE who really KNEW KNEW Michael knows how much he loved women and was not on the gay agenda or child molestation shit AT ALL!! Did yall see the tweets from Sophia richies mom about Mike she was dropping TEA honey!!!

    1. They are the dummies. I seen Pebbles running around in the A trying to find Chili. LA and Chili slipped when they got caught I think back at LA’s house. 🤔, Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how in the hell Chili balanced my former CO and shipmate at the same time at NAS Atlanta? 🤔

  7. Damn, Pebbles been for everybody, huh? She’s up there with Salli Richardson.

    That tea with Monique and her hubby doesnt surprise me at all. Seems like she is going along with anything he asks, just to keep that marriage going.

  8. I always thought that marriage between Monique and her “daddy” was weird. She has no shame to call him that in public. It is weird to see a grown woman calling her husband daddy like it’s nothing and acting tough at same time. She must’ve been real desperate to be married.
    Gabby always seem like a hoe to me and i don’t think that will ever change
    Same goes for Sanaa so I am not surprised that she had a threesome with Diddy and French
    Pebbles was a weirdo and you can tell she would do anything for money..She is money hungry so not surprised by that tea
    Does Dondre knows how much of a thot his wife was? There is no way he didn’t know. He’s been sampling all of her samples during that marriage
    I can picture black Michael having sex but not bleached Michael.. I can never picture Michael being a sex machine,,,,even though I am sure he had many panties flying his way

  9. There’s a video compilation of Michael saying fish A LOT, referring to the women throwing themselves at him lmaoooo

  10. Otis Nixon who looked 70 when he was in his 20’s, 😂. He certainly did and I wondered if he lied about his age. He stole bases like he he was in his late 30’s at least to me🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Sorry baseball girl here

  11. Get it uncle Michael ppl don’t know but I Believe was that guy.
    Whew chile gabby is a mess
    So diddy and french are booty pirates I thought he was with usher?

  12. I remember when Salli and La were dealing, there were rumors she was supposedly putting out music. I thought Eva and Will had great chemistry in Hitch, same with Denzel and Sanaa in Out of Time. Hmmm

  13. Yoooo..this segment is dooe..I love it..gabby gives off this sweet all American girl act,never would have guessed she was throwing back in the day…

  14. Gina or Heaven (either or cause I’m sure both of y’all know the answer)…With all the men Salli Richardson has been with, how did she end up with her now husband? That’s always been strange to me. He’s an actor, but not nearly as “high powered” as the other men and women that she’s been with in the past.

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