October 2, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/28/2019

    1. She sold it for like $100K and the people, who bought it, will flip it for twice that amount. Her man has her strung out on drugs.

  1. Alright now, Mimi. Get yours girl!!

    Mama June looks like Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars

    Hailey should’ve never married Justin Beiber. She’ll never have the upper hand when it comes to Selena

    Noooo Jim!

  2. If Kylie were to get with drake woooo folks would be PISSED hahahaha Just her being around drake was triggering folks hahaha

    Jim Carrey was fine in his younger days I must say lol but Ariana she been used to smashing men twice her age since them Nickelodeon creeps trained her early smh

  3. Mama June has become a crack head so of course she is broke lol.

    Hailey leave that girl alone. Selena is minding her business. Don’t be mad because YOUR man cant leave her be lol.

    Kylie is working hard for that next storyline . I guess Tyga and Travis arent enough LOL.

    *Deep sigh* Oh Ray J lol.

  4. Hailey needs to leave Selena alone before she decides to be petty lol. I wonder who’s the male getting a season 10 deal 👀

  5. Im exhausted with the Kardashians stories butRob needs to stay away from Chyna and just focus on getting back to how he used to be. He was such a handsome guy

    i didn’t know Mama June used to sell her body. i have never watched their show. I just know her name and face

    Ok Mariah and nick. i really wish they didn’t broke up. They were so cute but he just yaps his mouth too damn much

  6. Whew these hot takes are something else hunty. Let’s get started Mimi know she want that old dong back….but I thought Nick was with his 2nd bm tho. I really like Jim Carrey but that shit is just fucking gross smdh. Rob needs to go in outer space and stay there 🚀🌌. I 👀 Kylie still lappin up Rihanna leftovers….yup I said it lol. Hailey and Selena mess is funny but what would be real funny is if Justin just come out gay and proclaim his love for that “pastor”. Mama June needs to get it together nobody at Wetv can’t put her in rehab….smdh they might exploit that for they pockets…praying for her. Now Ray at Drake’s party I thought he ain’t get down with him since Princess was tryna get dong down by drake. For the sneaky blind item…I had 5 people in mind but after reading it I think its Charla the sexual accuser ass for the breakfast club.

  7. Ray J better behave himself. All that money he’s making in tech Princess will take him to the cleaners

    After everything Rob K still wants Chyna?

    While Nick still has been running his mouth in interviews he had been laying it on extra thick lately that he’d only get married again to Mariah. Makes sense

    1. I was thinking the same thing! He has her name in his mouth a whole lot these days! Talking about Nick and Mariah.

  8. Oooh Ray J, I hope not!!! Not while your wife is pregnant man!!!

    Hmm..blind item…Andy at Bravo?

    Oh my..Mama June prostituting?? Someone is willing to pay for that?? She must be doing truck stop hoeing.

    While I hope he wouldn’t, I can totally see Drake getting with Kylie. They would be a KUWTK wet dream. He likes attention and well…she IS a member of that family and they all live for attention.

  9. Ray j is tripping and mam June couldn’t have sold her body lol that isn’t right. Who would want to see her.

  10. When you say “franchise”, that puts me in the mind of Andy Cohen or Ryan Seacrest. And hot in the ass, Andy Cohen, I could totally believe him sleeping with executives. SMDH

  11. It’s crazy how Hev called it about Kylie & Drake, when she was w Travis.

    Rob started out so different compared to now, he betta keep loosing weight & rebrand himself

    I think the host is about Andy Cohen

  12. Can we touch on Larry Johnson ? (Jay-Z’s old roommate) I’m curious about what was his turning point. He’s been making the rounds lately talking about the illuminati and saving the children. Is it sincere or is something else going on with him?

  13. I actually like Mimi and Nick together.. their coupling was weird when they first got together, but I started liking them over the years. I was surprised there was not much drama when they broke up. If they end up back together, I wouldn’t be mad at it.

    Hailey and Justin NEEDS to leave Selena alone. She married man who thought of her as a second option since he couldn’t get the girl he wanted. She almost feel like a back up plan for Justin….SMH JB is truly fucking this girl up. I feel sorry for her.

    I feel sorry for Rob.. his luck with woman has never been good. I hope he is given the opportunity to have a healthy and sustainable relationship. His sisters are beautiful and can’t keep any men they get with. He shouldn’t beat himself up.

    Jimmy Boy! That’s gross don’t do it.

    For the blind item, I’m thinking it’s 50 cent and his Power series..

  14. Ray J never should have married… he can’t keep it to one woman.

    Hailey knows Justin would leave her in a heartbeat- why marry someone knowing they would leave you for someone else!!!?

  15. Smhhhh. Kylie needs to take it easy !!! I’m stumped on the blind sugar one ! Time to do research !!😩😩

  16. I’ve always thought Rob should document his weight loss journey then come out with a machine (similar to a bow flex) some workout gear and maybe some packaged foods and a small cookbook (with some personal entries). A whole movement. Kris where you at? 👀

  17. My opinions: I like Kylie with Tyga… I am not sure who Drake would be good with bc he’s messed up his high profile matches (Rih, Serena), and his baby mama is not attractive at all…she’s still an ultimate L in my book. I’m all for a Mariah & Nick re-do. They were cute!! I love Princess- wish RayJ wasn’t such a dog.

  18. Ryan Seacrest?

    “Leave her alone Hailey before she decides to take your man” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 For real. Even the aliens know that all Selena has to do is snap her fingers and say “come back” and Justin’s ass is outta there. Gonna be interesting to see how long they last.

    It’s official: I need to know wth Nick Cannon be doing. Let me find out he got that Pipe.

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