October 5, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Real Story About The Breakfast Club and the Gucci Mane Interview

  1. This man is so disrespectful and inappropriate. And it’s really weird because I thought this was his show until I read this piece here. I thought it was his show and that envy and Angela you were a part of the show. Had no idea that he was brought in after the fact. But then I’m on the west coast so their station never really even reached my radar until I moved to Vegas and they’re syndicated here.

  2. I don’t care for Charlemagne at all! I thought it was his show too before reading this. Somethings off about him

  3. I guess I can understand why they wanted a wildcard for the show (bc envy and yee would get old really quickly) but Charlamegay is definitely too much. He so fake woke and has always been disrespectful and/or creepy to the female guests.

    I wonder whose dick is Charla riding that has made him exempt from the Me Too stuff. He’s been creepy from the start and we literally have proof of that all over YouTube. Since everybody’s eager to cancel folks, why don’t they cancel Charla too

    But anyway, I’m ready for Part 2 lol

    1. Word Charla has always came on fake to me even down to his accent. It seems as he listened to mad ny artist like wu tang , Noriega etc to get is New York accent down pack growing up .He talks fast to try to be like a New Yorker but fails Cuz he make mad mistakes when he speaks.he hates being a dark skinned black man comparing envy you actin real light skinned.Im very surprised that power 105 didn’t delete the interview where he said him and envy will run a train on the white girl.Choke no Joke tells no lies karma will happen to him for what he did to Jessica Reid. Charla is the uncle Tom and the bottom bitch to the white elites that run clear channel. I still hate him till this day for the interview he did wit lil mama and Amara la Negra I thought you were black I didn’t know Dominicans come in your color. Or even the F**king disrespect he gives the women that call in “Oh you sound like a fat girl”.I see why people don’t like him

  4. Ray J got TBC lit, Nicki was right about Charlamange rapist homosexual ass “pussy get to poppin tail get to waggin” I hope his wife leaves him I pray Jessica Reid gets closure/paid paid especially since he has made a mockery of it for so long … you guys know ppl other than Bloom please get her some help

  5. Didn’t Angela start off making more money then the both off them? I dont watch or listen to the show cause I think charlemagne is weird and something is off with him.

  6. I remember that Lil Mama interview. It still annoys me when it is brought up. Charlamagne DID bully her! Constantly going in on her career. Nobody is telling his tacky azz about starting out as a deejay and NOW going in other directions that is NOT with radio. Radio opened a door for him like rapping open the door for Lil Mama. She is working and not selling azz like some of these chics out here and that is what is important. Charlamagne tries to act so righteous nowadays, but guess what boo, we the people haven’t forgot.

  7. I always thought the show was C the God. I never knew this until now. Wow, he really made the show all about himself. It’s his show now. I never like C the God.

    1. Yes, I agree his interviews whether it’s him being interviewed or him being the interviewer there has been some growth. At the same time, I feel the same about Envy and Yee – they have grown and even carry the show well when C is absent.

      It helps that they all have different ventures outside of the breakfast club – it makes them all more interesting

  8. Envy and Angela is boring, so they needed someone messy to keep those ratings up and people love messy so this is where Charlamange come into place.

  9. Charla is definitely a weird one… I’m surprised no one has really laid hands on him for all the disrespectful things he has said and done..

    1. I thought Lil Kim had sent her goons to rough him up a few years back he even mentioned it when she came by for an interview. He basically knows who to mess with and who not to mess with. He picks on those he feel will not be a threat to him and his choice of words. He love bullying women like Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Lil Mama, etc. but will never try that with Beyonce or Oprah. He knows betta😏😏😏

  10. Charla the harasser needs to go away with his wanna be shock jock “foke ass” (fake woke) but when you getting rammed in the hole everyday and sucking the right ones dong he ain’t going nowhere.

  11. Yee and envy are so boring. They need that extraness. Charlamange is messy like the Karlie Redd from love and hip hop. I can’t stand hot 97 with Ebro and them but to be honest they just as bad. It’s the nature of business and he plays the part well.

  12. Does anyone have a story on the ken dolls behind C? They are usually in sexual positions but I noticed recently they are gone

    1. OH MY GOD I thought it was only me that notice I guess it a humiliation ritual notice it’s on charlemagne side and camera view

    2. Yes I always wondered what the hell…about that. For some guests they seemed to disappear too. For others right back there looking crazy.

  13. Charla loves making people uncomfortable and bullies them into answering questions. He’s way more invasive than Wendy and he’s a creep, I stopped watching because of him. Angela never really takes up for other Women from what I saw and that’s weird as fuck. But In the last few years, they have expanded their Guest selection which is cool and more informative. I’m just not into them at all anymore

  14. I think C ThaGod is perverted, homosexual and he loves underage girls. Being an empath I can see right through him and his insecurities. He’s battling his own demons while being a monster to everyone else. He’s always bullying someone. Of course everyone wants the tea because society has created it to be the new gossip and that’s what sells. However, you don’t need to insult, degrade and embarrass someone for ratings. You can get answers to question by asking them in a more respectful manner and show some empathy when necessary. Whomever he’s married to is a joke as well. I’m sure he has her self esteem as low as the ground because ain’t no way I could date not marry this man. He’s digusting.

  15. I’m so glad this story is out, now. I’ve noticed the same progression with the Breakfast club and while I agree that Envy and Angela can be boring, Charlamange is a dick to everybody. And I believe Jessica Reid. He probably won’t be held accountable yet but as soon as the elites are done with him pushing the agenda he will be outed and thrown to the wolves.

  16. ALLEDGEDLY CTFG wants to be a major handler , but doing radio days a week is standing in the way of that goal . He says all the time how artists come to the station and completely blow the bag by being impulsive etc . I honestly think he wants a shot at managing Cashmeoutside SMDH watch out they may give him Iggy just to let him practice , and if he is smart he can actually educate her image on hiphop and NOT have sex with her then he might get promoted . The other two hosts have already worked on record labels and managed artists and been there done that in hiphop IDK .

  17. Charlamange is absolute trash. I’m still
    dumbfounded that radio is a thing as I haven’t listened to it in about 20 years.

  18. I ain’t never gonna forget that clip when Webbie was trying to do promo for they show and he couldn’t get they names right and called Charlamange “Charlamagay” 😂😂😂😂

  19. Whoa! That clip where he laid down the money and asked to run a train was rapey as hell!! I’m really surprised that Clear Channel has not been hit with a bunch of harassment lawsuits by now.

  20. I know this is a shitty thing to say but I hope this videos come up and he gets dragged because of it. He’s foul af for saying all of those things just to turn around and act fake woke.

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