September 26, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club – Part 2

  1. I knew something was off cause c thagod would always say he didn’t have to show up until 6:05a and they would blow him off but didn’t challenge it either

  2. I’m not from NY but as far back as I can remember- C was the face/voice of the BC… I never realized he was originally just a supporting cast member!

    1. Everyone keeps saying that lol. But I remember when this show 1st started. That promoted it as 3 “superpowers” were coming together. Each one bringing something to the table. Nobody really being a lead. I remember Angela gave up her show, Lip service(?), on shade 45, to be apart of this. I know she regrets that decision.

  3. Dude! How could PR spin that??? It was obvious as broad daylight that was a REAL argument/fight. Angela was buzzed, but her face said it all when Charlamagne told her to get out that truck…she wanted to smack the shit out of him. And I don’t blame her.

    Charlamagne got some nerves. He trying to make moves as if there isn’t documented evidence of the days he was being a azzhole to people. I still believe he is in some way connected and guilty to the sexual assault of that girl. There is too much evidence from other situations that will rule it out. But since he is in bed with the Elites, they are gonna make sure to make it go away.

  4. And then Was recording it like 🙄🙄 fuck was his problem? And y was he talkin like that to her. Get in, get out the truck! Who tf is he!!?? 😤😤😤 I forgot abt this and it just erked me all over again! “Beige bitch” lol

  5. Can Joe Budden be the next topic of discussion? I feel like he sells out more and more with every podcast. And more than ever, he’s been making a lot of comments that have me questioning his sexuality. Nothing wrong with that, but it makes me feel like he’s had to partake in some “rituals”…

      1. Hey G, May you please tell me around what time did Angela Yee and Charlamange have a sexual relationship, was it in the very beginning of the breakfast club in 2010???

  6. I rarely listen to TBC any more mainly because of Lennard aka Charla. He’s incredibly disrespectful to the majority of women, who come on there, and asks ridiculous questions. He really pissed me off when he praised Tomi Lahren for working hard & creating her own path with political commentary and said black & brown women should do the same. Negro please – she was a creation of Glenn Beck, who put her to the front because she was young, blond, white & super-conservative. Wouldn’t be surprised if those two screwed one another.

  7. I used to find him funny cause he had no chill or limits but that now is what I can’t stand about him he’s totally disrespectful that Forrest Whitaker interview the other day asking about his eye was just lower than low

  8. He’s weird he wears make up you can see it when he’s in your face. He was scared of my husband who’s barely taller than his short ass. He was at our hotel and the cars pulled in same time he was nervous to get out then we saw him again at the elevator and he didn’t want to get in he even had either security or his boys with him. He’s got a Dark energy

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