August 15, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Quick Hits 10/25/19

  1. I don’t like Lamar new girlfriend it’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. People only hype because she black but I just don’t like her.

    1. She using him but folks gonna overlook just so they can feel empowered that he ain’t with a Kardashian anymore. Folks wanna go deaf when people say Khloe tried to help him get sober cause they don’t wanna give a Kardashian credit for Try to heal a black man. I bet if he was to kick the bucket tomorrow folks would say “should’ve never been with Khloe, that curse is real” like some dumb twats smfh

  2. Drizzy still thotting, Rih Just keep it pushing & try to patch up with the billionaire or find an even richer billionaire to shit on all of them haha

    CB saw draya and karrueche kicking it awhile back and would probably have her try to call karrueche up for “old times sake” if you catch my drift he ain’t slick haha

    Duffy probably hating that’s why she won’t introduce them. You ain’t smashing drake until I get to smash him first bitch hahaha

  3. So is or has DJ Duffy fucked French or Drake ??? Wat happened to her fiancé??? I see She got her body dun not long ago and she just can’t stop doing thirsty videos..well she was not sure if she’s still acting stupid or not.

  4. Jesse been with her for a while now.

    I think people like the idea of being with a Kardashian but given all that we know, the hype dies and then “real” reality sinks in. Hell even Scott said “ I’m a head on out” and is now in love with Sophia. I wish they were conditioned differently so Khloe can get a real chance at love.

    Maybe she won’t introduce her because Drake is a straight up dog and she doesn’t want her friend to get hurt. I know i would never introduce anyone I know to him. Just enjoy the music.

    1. Oooo that’s a good guess. Apparently she used to roll with taz angels before they got shut down that’s how she met chantel. Also how she met her husband Austin who’s a Piece of garbage himself.

    2. Nah I dont think that’s her, I would say Jocelyn or Wolfie Cindy, one of those two, they are big friends with chantal and are also escorts

    1. Nah he ain’t unless he married that girl in secret. They been together for like 12 years I think though but he always cheating.

  5. Idk why rihanna start hanging around her exs even if she is mad at her man. As sexy as we think rihanna is drake nor chris brown is dropping their tings and settle down with her, sexy or not i don’t think they would want a relationship with her where she gonna stop them from talking to who they’ve had in the cut. I think she tried to do that when she got back with chris and he couldn’t help but keep talking to someone who wasn’t restricting him.

  6. I didn’t know Bruno was married. You learn something new everyday 😏.

    Have Mercy! Drake is truly for the streets lol. This dude is messing with and potentially messing with anything with a hole. I hope for his sake he has grown half a brain and uses protection. Before he ends up with another unwanted/unplanned pregnancy 👶.

  7. Is Marlo and woman or man? Curious and Duffy been a hoe.. she’s fk french, currency(whos gf made him fire her as his dj bc of it) and drake.. that fiance ain’t marrying a hoe.. he’s an Arab and he aint cuffin her

  8. I’m still can’t wrap my mind round cardi n bruno relationship 🤔🤔😂😂 I’m like dangggg bruno I ain’t know you had it like that 😜😜

    N I hate friends like DUFFY….. Duffy is a bad bitch tho 😍😍😍😍

    I feel so bad for Lamar…. smh

    N how I been seeing Draya all out living her best life I really thought her and Orlando wasn’t together anymore 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

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