October 3, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood: The Truth Behind Rihanna Reconnecting With Her Exes  

  1. If she is going to play this game, can she at least find NEW players to play with. Go forward RiRi, not backwards.

  2. I think linking up with exes is not the way to make ya point when the man’s family Is skeptical about whether you will conform or not already. It ain’t just Hassan that sees her doing this the family see it too and probably saying “see look what we told you”. Even though i think the family should butt out of they business. If this is the end I think Rih should move on up the chain not backpedal to drake or anyone else from the past, she’s much bigger than that now. She has the potential to Marry a foreign diplomat or something and be like another Meghan Markle, that’s what I wanna see.

    1. I agree. Rih being petty and trying to make him jealous by going back to her exes may slightly work, but overall will be ineffective. The biggest issue in their relationship is his family. His family has been in his ear saying this relationship won’t work and this is just comfirmation to them. In the end of the day its his family money, not his so he is going to listen and give in to what they say. I think the love is there, but too much of a cultural difference to sustain.

  3. Men like Hassan RARELY if Ever choose a woman over their religion, I doubt he does and quite honestly I don’t think Rih would be happy. If the family don’t fuck wit you it’s puts a dent in the relationship.

  4. Damn even rih rih gettin curved….. ima just put this potato sack on my head and call it quits lol… shit gettin ugly…. but the irony of it all is all the rituals in the world and even a singer like rih wouldn’t be enough to make a man turn his back on his faith if he’s a TRUE BELIEVER. They say the enemy gives u what u want…. but only GOD can give u love…

  5. I knew they were broken up especially that post with that song by bia… “i got drip on the floor” I wouldn’t go back though maybe to 1 but every old dude i had uhuh but she probably just comfortable with them. Pisces’s women do that to make their man jealous a close friend of mine does the same shit when her and her bd on the outs and she goes right back. Even another friend i know thats a pisces do the same thing.

  6. I think knowing the exes are watching and waiting…. especially Chris……. Is an ego boost for her. Bf or not she always test the waters to see if they’ll still come running

  7. His family did say No…hmm that means they will never get married. This Boy is not able to lose his family status & Money for a foreign Woman. 🙂 thats it

  8. Dont post stories on a blog that you have us pay for and can’t read it because we don’t pay for another blog site 🙄

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