October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/24/19

  1. Kanye is a wolf in Yeezy clothing.
    Khloe and Lamar need to get back together
    Why is Tristan paying jordy if he wants me Khloe?
    How did Rihanna not know
    Is Kylie and tyga back together

  2. I would actually root for Khloe and Lamar. But seems it would be too tough with the drugs and stuff… Speaking of the Kardashian clan.. I know a dude who did work in Kim’s house or one of them… he said he could feel the demons in the house and then he got injured really bad… had to get surgery and he can’t work the same anymore and he still ain’t right… he said in all his years working he never got hurt until then.

  3. If Rihanna didn’t know then why hasn’t the video been taken down especially since folks was having a heart attack over it? She posted it on IG and twitter too. Nah sorry Rih I call BS. That’s a clean up cause folks was upset for whatever reason. Plus still stands that you were listening to his music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Folks need to chill.

    Now drake why would you start with Nicki when she mrs petty now haha she gonna hop on live or queen radio trying to drag and some more stuff. Lawd.

  4. Im so bored hearing the same hot takes on the same people.. Rihanna, drake , Nicki and Jendashians etc are not interesting

  5. Ye is getting his voting bloc lined up for Donald 2020 , sad part is Donald might give him a cabinet position — but he fires ppl once they complete their objective for him , if Barry could hire Kumar from White Castle ; then Donald could hire Yeezy LMAO !

    Why would Aubrey want Nik at his party and she stood next to clownface 69 last year ?

    Id rather see Lamar with KMichelle before he go back to Khole SMDH !

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