September 26, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/23/19

  1. I saw Wendy do that shit. I can’t stand that lanky man looking bitch! I really can’t. And why she speaking on somebody else’s man, she needs to stop acting like she’s over the man that had the oops baby on her punk ass!

  2. Feel bad for Van, maybe he’ll be another Kyles and do his own thang.

    Kevin could be lying about being injured “that bad” so the contracts he has don’t go sour, these contracts warn u from getting into mess this is why he fled the scene cus it’s not like he was driving. If he was driving it would’ve been against the law to flee.

    But I think he fled bc he was very done, like on drugs and stuff….. Why would these big pple wanna hang w his clone lol idk 🤔 ?
    Hev we need ur live 😂

    I was shocked by that Lamar confession. This is gonna be another one on da list of females Khloe has “done this to” pple are gonna go ham on her again 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Wendy is a clown! Body shaming and bringing up Nicki’s brother was a low blow, imo. Her attacks seems personally and nasty. This is exactly why I had no sympathy for her during her embarrassing scandal. She’s petty and miserable. Also, I don’t agree with the “it’s her job” crowd. She can do her job without the vitriolic attacks.

  4. Van was the REALEST part of TMZ and I hope all truth comes out and they reap what they sow for doing him like that. I am PISSED DF OFF about that shit PERIOD.

    When I seen that so call clip of Kevin…. I too was saying the same shit…. THATS A CLONNNNNE‼️‼️ Smmfh and nothing can make me change my mind.



    Speaking it into existence‼️‼️💯💯🙌🏿🙌🏿

  6. I think Kevin’s injury is far worse than what is being reported and showing him at dinner with Jay is smoke & mirrors. TMZ is trash for firing Van. That MLB umpire is saying what many of orange man’s supporters think, despite being grossly misinformed on what’s involved in an impeachment inquiry. Y’all better strap up.

  7. People who know that cloning a human would not instantly age them won’t believe there is a Kevin Hart clone or a Gucci clone. They would have to have started the clone years ago.
    Saying they found a body double or made someone get plastic surgery to look like him would be more believable.

  8. Give Gwendolyn a lil break , she suffering from osteoporosis so let her take her CBD and do her show before she gets put out to pasture LMAO .

    Yes Donald is an old douchebag , but asking for info on who where these politrixians are hiding their money overseas IS NOT grounds for dismissal YET , the Speaker tried to send a hit at him and Donald had to cancel xmas on the MD congressman & the speakers brother (ex Baltimore mayor) SMDH .

    Van picked the wrong time to be vocal , Harvey needed a scapegoat to kiss up to Donald bcuz heads have been rolling at the major news networks lately . IDK Harvey has had a target on his back so maybe Van getting fired was a humiliation ritual ? Van edited all their good material so teemzee is gonna drop in relevance anyway .

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