October 3, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/21/18 The Hottest Point Of Views n Predictions About Today’s Celebrity News

  1. Lil kim maybe you’re just not hot anymore. There is a new era of female rappers with a different style of rapping. The generation you THOUGHT was still rooting for you no longer cares for you🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Yea she ain’t it no more but when she was back in the day, she was hot but her time has ended🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Yes!!! Too much Auto tune to sound hot !!. I like Kim but please ma , Give it up!!.. I was disappointed in her Album

  2. You kno wat Snoop..?? Sit ya goddam ass down somewhere!! So who can tell me about him having a son that he not claiming or maybe he is claiming him now or wat?? And that lil/big gal ain’t his daughter! I’m sure I’m late on all this but I’m just finding it out chile. I’m sicca Snoop tho!!! That dam Lori gne get herself kilt!

    Man listen so is London abusive to Summer??? She put his ass on blast too😂😂😂 shit was hella funny!! He talm bout he wanna eat her puss while she going off on his ass!! Listen y’all Summer said CAP at some point in the argument and then said “like wat u need on ur head cause yo hair fucked up” 😂😂😂😂 dat Bihh Summer funny as shit!! Guess London “NEED” some tracks😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bye Kourney cause I’m sicca ya and them bad ass kids 😂😂😂😂 focus on them sis😂😂

  3. Now we all know why Khloe didn’t want Kourtney to be her kid’s legal guardian in the event of. She needs to be somewhere trying to discipline her kids and stay out of Scott’s business. She treated that man like her little sex slave. When he did want her all she wanted was his sperm. Didn’t even sleep in the same bed with the man. At this point, she’s probably just going through one of those white people midlife crisis. White people trip so hard off of aging! She just needs to chill.

    Lori fuckin around with Fertile Future….here we go.

    Lil Kim shouldn’t be blaming her management team for those low record sales. She needs to blame all those fake supporters! That’s the way of the world! Only came out with new music because they had her thinking that she would be back on top. Meanwhile they probably all streamed her music for free. If at all.

  4. Lil Kim’s 9 was good I thought, but there wasn’t alot of promotion for the project and her singles weren’t rolled out properly. Once “Go Awwf” dropped she should’ve been on the interview stroll but she turned down alot of interviews because she didnt want to talk about Nicki Minaj, she’s an icon, but she hasn’t been out a decade, she needed to do big interviews. Her reality show was fine I guess, but it did nothing to promote her comeback. After “Go Awwf” it was radio silence except her online presence, then the song with The City Girls dropped, she interviews the week the album/EP dropped. Her project wasn’t laid out for success. She needs a team who has realistic yet well laid out plans and provide her with better representation. She also needs to do more features to re-introduce herself to this new generation.

  5. You heard it herw. Diddy uses his sons as a cover to date those young girls. He did it with Lori and Nicole. I’m assuming he’s being doing this all thru his Cassie days as well to not raise suspicions. Still have no idea who his sons really date except Christian.

  6. Kim and Amber do share a birthday. Crazy, but even crazier that Kim would send bday wishes. I mean it seems cute in theory but awkward and random as hell. Maturity and growth right? I guess lol

    1. Yeah, but they been squashed everything and amber just had a baby so that was nice and caring. I bet amber wasn’t expecting that.

  7. Nicki would be retarded as hell to not come out with an album that long. Did all that fighting, beefing, and threatening for what?

    1. People starting to see Kourtney differently now. Good for scott team gemini all day. She can’t have nomore lol…i guess the threesomes were tired.

  8. What do you mean exactly about Jennifer Anniston’s “me too” comment? Also, off topic here but where’s the story on Jersey shores cast mates and what’s happening behind the scenes? Are you going to talk about what’s going on with Megan Markle?

  9. Lol lil kim and her team thought she would make a huge comeback during the nicki hate train. All the fake celebrities, fake fans telling people she’s the real queen and about her fashion smh. Nobody cares in 2019 what kim did and wore in the 90’s because she messing up her legacy like her face, she cannot rap anymore her music is trash that autotune shit pisses me off. Shouldve be promoting instead of being mad they were gonna ask about nicki, make that money. A part two album with remy lol that’s even a bigger joke.

  10. Nicki’s album is coming in 2020 remember I said this so when it happens you can remember someone tried to tell ya!

    Amber and Kim squashed their beef long ago it’s not weird and it doesn’t help that the Kardashians hate Chyna and Amber and Chyna are no longer good friends….

    Kourtney don’t want Scott she just wants sex she’s an Aries she will get over it or get on someone else

    Lori Harvey need to sit the hell down somewhere and let that puss breathe

  11. That’s why him and Fergie broke up. There’s been stories around for a long time. The first time I read about it was actually in the Enquirer. That rag used to have some true stories!!!

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