October 2, 2022

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54 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/22/19 10/22/19

  1. ” I hope he beats the Black off of her this time around because she obviously would not have learned”. That is so disgusting to say to about someone, haven’t you all made it seem she would never fuck up her opportunity with Hassen? Rihanna is about her BAG, unless she would try yet again to humiliate Chris. She has been mouthing off about Jay and acting her old ways, but being with Chris? Nah this isn’t a good idea and he would lowkey be in danger with her. Again

  2. Poor Khloe her self esteem is very low
    Are you meaning Tyga hooked ol boy up with a chick
    I didn’t know Tristan was paying his bm not to date and why?
    And who is Jordyn pregnant by?
    Did Nikki and dude really get married or is this for publicity? 🤔

  3. No, no we don’t condone beating of women even if they haven’t learned their lesson! Nicki is a fool and good luck to her because……

    1. How is nicki a fool? These administrators don’t know anything about her husband it’s from personal opinions

    1. From now on, I will tell anyone I know not to support this blog unless there is an apology on both IG accounts and this blog.

      Enough is enought.

      We have to stand for something. And I’m not going to tolerate toxic behavior like this.

      That was a disgusting insensitve comment.

  4. Wow as someone who knows personally close relatives who were were in abusive relationships, I would never wish anyone to get beaten just for going back to their abuser. Ppl go back to their abusers either out of fear or bc they think the abuser has changed

    Ppl are making a big deal about the song playing that also features H.E.R. but no way is Riri building a fashion & beauty empire if she was still entertaining Chris Brown running around w/all these Karreuche look-alikes

    Time will tell whether or not she’s still w/Hassan as her vacation she normally takes earlier in the year she pushed back to now. But I’m not freaking out over a song when she’s played CB & Drake before in the past on vacation & wasn’t involved w/either of them

    While I like Mel, I feel like at times she can bring out the worst in Rih, & w/the moves Riri is trying to make some of the childish, pettiness & racthedness has to go

  5. So Riri was spotted @ Drake’s after party last night 👀

    But there’s several think pieces on Rih playing a Chris Brown song on her IG That’s promoting her makeup

    1. I just saw that!! Her and Hassan are DONE DONE. Apparently her documentary is coming soon and are any of her ex’s or Hassan in her picture book?

  6. watching the breakdowns over Chris and Rihanna made me think all Chris would have to do is sell out completely (cause I’m not sure if he has officially) and the elites will make people switch their hate to love cause that’s how media works. And if anymore cases of abuse come out about Chris they will never make the light of day. Everyone will go from “OMG he’s still so disgusting” to “thank goodness he changed” even if he didn’t actually change he just signed with goat Lucy.

    1. I think they’re saying that Tyga was the plug. In that he hooked the BF up with the person he cheated with.

  7. See….Jordy is going to fuck up. How? Okay, remember when G posted that Third Trimester Tristan is not going to make ask much money like he did previously? She is absolutely correct and he is going to ask form a reduction.
    Tristan is going to use the internet and Kim to help him out. See, the power of the internet is a powerful tool to use in a court of law. Especially if he doesn’t make enough money to pay for Jordy’s child support. Plus Kim do have the resources to help Tristan reduction his child support. My recommendation for Jordy is cut back posting the expensive clothing and trips if she wants the child support to continue.

  8. That’s how I know when it’s a different writer in the blog and on IG. If you’ve been rocking with G for a while you know how she writes. That ain’t G who wrote that about Rihianna. That’s a horrible thing to write about anyone.

  9. Ok someone needs to remove the “I hope he beats the black out of her” because that’s a fucked up thing to wish on anyone! Women on a daily die from domestic violence and you’re over here wishing it on another woman! Cmon now, gotta do better, that comment is unacceptable!

  10. I’m not surprised at Khloe being back with Tristan at all. I didnt realize Jordan was claiming to be pregnant, smh. I dunno why, but I’m just not a Jordan fan like a lot of people.

    I have always had the impression Amber’s guy was either bi or gay, so I’ll be curious to see who it is he cheated with. I always got BFF vibes between the two of them..like 2 friends who decide to parent together. I never got lovers vibes.

    I hope Nicki will be happy, but I dont have a good feeling about this. Its gonna end badly.

  11. Oh wait…that “beat the black off her” comment was written by this blog???? I thought it was a comment that got deleted. Oh noooo…that is not cool. Not cool at all.

    FYI..my 23 year old daughter was murdered in 2014 by an ex boyfriend who we found out later had abused her during their relationship. They were broken up for almost a year when he murdered her. Domestic Violence is real and it is NEVER funny or to be spoken about like that. That really was a disgusting statement and during Domestic Violence Awareness Month at that! I’m disappointed in whoever thought was okay to print.

    1. Prayers up for you Queen! So sad! My cuzn was killed in 2000 by her husband..we ddnt find out he had been abusing her the way he was all those years they were together. She had 3 kids in all & 2 was his. She told her daughter she would be right back that she was taking her husband somewhere that she takes him all the time so she nor her daughter felt any harm would come to her. They found her on the side of a dirt road dead! He shot her up all on her right side! She was sitting in the car waiting for him to come back not knowing she was living her last moments! Like they would have small fall outs but behind closed doors it was something different! That time was the first that he had shot at her but it was the last and like i said we knew nuthn about that type of abuse! Y’all it was so sad he went to my aunt house after he killed her asking my aunt & cousins had they seen or heard from her knowing he had killed and left her on the side of the road!

      1. Oh Erica, my heart was breaking for you and your family as I read that!! I’m so very sorry for your tremendous loss. I hope the children have received counseling for their grief. My condolences to you Sis ((hugs))

  12. Khloe is a damn fool… Chris & Rih were cute back in the day but she’s grown up…I think… I like Jordyn but a baby isn’t the best move for her (she isn’t Kylie…she’s more of a Lira Galore)…maybe Mrs. Petty will take a step away from music- I wish she would act more…Charlize was so pretty to me… I just started side eyeing her when she started dressing her son like a girl…I’d be afraid if I was Serena- pregnancy is serious business. I like her little family tho.

      1. Right im confused too is it jordyn woods or jordy Craig the baby momma 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. The comment “ ” I hope he beats the Black off of her this time around because she obviously would not have learned” has been removed. That was a shame and whoever wrote it shouldn’t be allowed to write for the blog or at least needs someone to proofread their writing before submittal.

  14. Well at least Tristan takes from Khloe and gives to Jordy. If she wants to keep it up, on her. Guess shes tired of Scott all the time. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way.. these women are miserable in these comments and are wishing Nicki evil out of jealousy. Her marriage will last and will suceed. They want Nicki with a millionaires and false relationship when these broads themselves aint got a man or one with a job lol but trying to tell a woman with over 90mil who to marry

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