October 5, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Industry Secrets

  1. Now, looking back at The Flip Wilson Show after knowing what’s up is still kinda mind blowing. That was 40+ yrs ago and the same agendas going on now…. like this is really, truly a game. 😯🤯

  2. They’ve been doing this since slavery days, Birth of a Nation documented the stereotypes and nothing has changed. Remeber Bamboozled? They had black face in black face, along with stephen fetchits and buckwheats etc. The list is neverending. #buckbreaking

  3. Do not sleep on Skateboard P he is a very sinister androgynous type of dude that can rock you to sleep IRL . The gender fluid thing is just an act , he has been telling people all throughout his solo album and on his group albums that he just playing the sissy role but he has like 8 kids and a wife we will never see ?

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