October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The real Truth Behind The Nicki Minaj and Floyd Mayweather Situation Heaven Hollywood Blog

  1. If she and Safaree were on a break she probably smashed him. You left the party with him twice…yeah more than likely. but the fact She snitched on Ray J lol that’s funny. Now in the present Floyd another one that ain’t kicking it with her during all this drama…they only fuck with you when you poppin smh.

  2. The last line had me singing , too close by Next “you making it hard for meeee” 😂…. wonder why she didn’t take it to the next level w him …

    just thinking about Floyd’s track record his girls are like always getting taken away by another guy
    Look at what nelly did w Ms. Jackson 🤔

    Let me know if it’s the other way around and I got it all wrong. Cus ya girl wants to know.

  3. You can’t be out here acting holier than thou when ya sugar spilling all over the damn counter 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. She ain’t shit for dropping the dime on Princess and Ray J like that. That was none of her damn business. Being catty as fuck on the low as usual who secretly likes to see other women suffer. Floyd is a known abuser and if Ray wanted to take on the role of Captain Save Em then that’s his damn business. Princess can act stressed and throw tantrums on Love & Hip Hop for the cameras but she seems to be in a way better position emotionally being with Ray and can’t wait to have all his babies.

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