October 5, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/17/19

  1. You would think with everything Cassie went through and saw with Diddy, that she would be wise enough to keep a low profile and try to get out of the spotlight. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Can’t wait to see what ‘Kevin Hart’. Looks like now! Cough cough

    1. She bitter that she pretty much threw her career away to be Diddy sex slave that he pimped out whenever he needed something. He did her like jay does Beyoncé when he need something but at least Beyoncé has her own identity outside of jay. Folks mostly know Cassie now as Diddy ex girl/another IG model type chick who was a one hit wonder. Who knows where she couldn’t went had she not got snatched away by Diddy she could’ve been Rihanna. Beautiful with an okay singing voice with tons of sex appeal.

  2. Yea this Kevin Hart situation is so strange and even more strange that no one else (outside of the sugar babies)think I t’s strange. It’s almost like watching the twilight zone.

  3. Cassie better be cool before Diddy pop up in that delivery room on her!

    Dan Schneider perv ass blech! All the victims under his belt, we not accepting anything that ain’t death for his sick ass!

    Cuba must’ve pissed them elites off at the wrong time cause now he being used as a guinea pig smh

    Klay need to just go ahead and get with me and stop playing these games lol but nah to cheat on daddy klay? Fuck that bird.

    1. Totally agree about Dan’s fat ugly pedo ass. I believe the only reason he’s still employed or alive for that matter is because of the dirt he has on other producers, execs, pervy actors, agents, etc. Pedos protect other pedos. I’ve been hearing about his disgusting ass for years and it’s sick that he continues to live lavishly and ruin kids.

  4. Kourtney better not bother. There is something that is just so “offputting” about her to me. That show would flop quickly.

    Really, Farrah ain’t got many options left…hard core porn and yachting may be all she hasn’t done yet

    Is Kev going through MK now? Or is he laying low because his side piece was in the car? He has been really invisible since his accident. No interviews, no social media. Nothing.

    1. Cassie better chill before she wake up dead Puff def bout that life.
      Farrah just disappear I can’t stand that broad.
      Cuba you just fucked up because you will be the example just like Bill Cosby. SMH

  5. Farrah seems like a wild card. I’m not sure that she would be one to take a chance on. Who knew twitch faced Johnathan was in the pimping business. 😂👀

  6. Praying for Cassie
    But girl please stop
    Kourtney is BORING
    And good get them out of Nickelodeon
    Poor Kevin kat warned you

  7. Speaking of Farrah her daughter had a cheetah print shirt on, on one of those red carpets last week.

    Cassie hormones got her tripping hopefully after this baby she just go ahead and move on.

    Kourt had a show way before the kardashians and it didn’t last.

  8. I just woke up shocked about Cummings

    I’m kinda meh on Klay. I mean he’s been exposed before too as a cheater.

    I thought E would drop this show & all potential spinoffs by now. It used to be a good channel w/diverse content, now its the K News Network

    All this time Jon has been in w/the K’s & is yet to pop? We love to see it

    It’s disturbing how quick the Black Stars being raked over the coals when the same energy isn’t given to these yt folks who have just as much if not more to lose. & no I’m not excusing their behavior but to go full court press on Cuba of all ppl when the same energy isn’t there for ppl like Weinstein is annoying

    But I mean literally the worst of the worst still keep their jobs or even get job promotions or little to none consequences due to their yt privilege. Like what happened to that 7th Heaven guy for instance who basically has disappeared since his exposure?

  9. Kourtney is boring and her kids are horrible- how is she balancing motherhood and with what career- clearly she’s failing at both…just my opinion!!

  10. Cassie looks so healthy pregnant, but flaunting her relationship is a bad idea. Cuba is surely screwed and even more so if the woman in Louisiana come forward about him. He’s done a lot of dirt here for years to woman, he’s a perv. I been thought kevin didn’t make it out of that car wreck smh so fk up

  11. Well damn @ #1 but I’m inclined to agree. We know Diddy ain’t one to take an L gracefully. He plays it cool to save face but his ass be plotting. Keep playing with his Scorpio ass 🤣

  12. I’m scared for Cassie she gots to chill. Either her, her hub or baby is gonna get it. Diddy don’t care bout nobody !

    I hope all the perves in Hollywood get caught… this is ridiculous!!!!!

    Something ain’t right by Keith sweat 😂😂😂

    Don’t get me wrong I like the girls and their hustle. But Kourt swearsssssss she’s the shit, she def gonna fuck up the empire. But I don’t think Kim will let her do it .. Not Over her dead body ! 🤣🤣

  13. When a man is hurt it hits different or should I say petty is different.
    Farrah that would right up her ally shows them Over at MTV she can still make money with out them.
    Kevin smh say it ain’t so
    Kort is the most boring of them all I had low respect from her but even more when somebody stole from you in your own house and you do nothing girl you 40 with 3 kids it’s time to grown women up.

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