September 26, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes  10/15/19

  1. No woman is lurking on their man’s ex’s page unless they have a reason to & Hailey told on herself. Must suck to know you’re the consolation prize even w/a ring. What I don’t understand what she thought was going to change

    I hate how these yt entertainers & executives can literally get away w/murder when it’s not that same energy for…SMH but it’s always been that way

    I just don’t get Jada’s end game. I mean they all but admitted years ago they had an open marriage. I hate this gender neutral & cheating acceptance culture that’s being pushed like STD’s & side children aren’t a likely consequence of all that

  2. I honestly don’t think Justin is that pressed over Selena. If you follow the pattern of her behavior you would see she’s mainly the issue and honestly seems to be the one pressed when he’s unavailable. Charlie Puth exposes her already for who she really is and a lot of what he said matches up to what other people say about her.

  3. So wait…Mel B didn’t smash Prince?? I ask because there’s a video of her interviewing him at Paisley Park (it’s still online, easy to find) and the way that tension is set up she was either about to bust it open for him or had just done so…lol

  4. G, was it true that jada and august fell out bc he wanted her to leave will and have a real relationship? They were in love and humping like some pet puppies in heat and nw nothing.. will still fk men and women I don’t get this family at all. I wonder if him and dwayne still sees each other

  5. I thought hailey and Justin were solid.. wow
    And prayers to Aaron 😞 😞 he’s been through it I hope he gets the healing needs
    Who else relationship is fake
    Nick privonka Erica and safaree
    Ray j?

  6. I used to have the biggest crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. His cute ass needs to come out! Yes, it will shock people, but he is better off getting this burden off him and live his life the way he wants too.

    Justin will most definitely drop Hailey, if Selena gives him some sort of attention. Hailey seem more into him than he into her. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Aaron Carter looks like he is one step closer to being a basket case. He truly needs the help, and I hope he gets it.

  7. Had to get my sugar back LMAO !


    HB & JB – HB entire plan is to Sharon or Courtney her way to the top at JB expense SMDH . She trapped him without a baby ! JB wanted SG to stop drugs but SG would have to “give up” her first born as collateral ? Alledgedly SG got a rare blood disease from Guwop and the kidney thing is just a cover for low blood count Alledgedly .

    AC – Men can be failed sex kittens too LOL ?

    JG – elite yacht boy IDK did he get “put on” by President Underwood ?

    JPS – she gets fetus facials this is why she looks so wierd to us 8th month was gonna expose her hypocritical ways but the $cio put him in a hospital they control SMDH !

    Scary – this was just a threat saying for Dr Doolittle to either give her more $$$ .

    Jeffrey – Donald got to him before anybody else did , but he is going to have to open the servers IN PERSON since he had all types of passwords and encryption on the files ?

    This is why the Speaker went off in WH meeting = RBG is still missing .
    Speaker got her hometowns lights cut off = no reelection .
    Jeffrey is handed over all the data = no imp3ach vote .
    Corrupt MD congressman RIP = no more missing infants OR Fent drug $$$ .
    That nation next to Russia = secret bank accounts & they will have to release EVERYBODY emails for the past 10 years & compare that to the tax records SMDH .
    Donald is literally giving them a run for their money LMAO !

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