October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Blind Reveals 10/16/19

    1. That’s what I said when she first posted! Neither of them were ever A. Clueless and Player’s Club 🤷🏾‍♀️

  1. I’m always thrown off my the List ratings because neither of them i would’ve considered A or B but I guessed right anyway.

    But Snoop and Martha???? Never would’ve guessed it! OMG!!!!!

  2. Welp Cardi had a long lasting music career, she’ll def be known as a phase. Happy I wasn’t a fan, that would’ve felt like a waist of time 🤣

    Snoop & cellmate Marthy, this def creeped me out
    So was she his suga momma❓
    Hell at least they close in age 😂

    These heffas couldn’t keep it togetha 😒

  3. Ever since i been A A1 sugar baby from day 1, I’m not to surprised at a lot of these ppl. Snoop & Martha it’s like i been Knew sum nasty shit was going on!! UGH SO DAM DISGUSTING!!!! How doesSnoop wife put up with him??? She seems to be very sweet but u just never kno.

      1. 😱😱😱😱😱 oh wow I’ve never heard that but not surprised if its true tho. I never hear anything about his wife or kids besides when that boy was cheating on the daughter. I also see that the oldest son baby just passed away too. That oldest son is hella weird to me. Anybody got any tea on them??? And Snoop being on the other rappers songs/raps, when his part comes and i hear his voice I’m like “noooo not him”😂😂😂😩😩😩 ive always heard shit about Dr.Dre but hardly anything bout Snoop Doggy Dog

    1. Stacey was in clueless which an A list show. But what I don’t agree with is Ms. Playas Club being the star of the show. Stacey was the star and Ms. Playas club was the 2nd runner up once she got fired. They tried to replace her with a look a like but she couldn’t act for shit. By 3rd reason I think it got cancelled.

      Sidenote- Single Ladies was a black sex in the city but I don’t condone that. Fucking hella men by the 3rd date shit don’t work out and you repeat the steps gross. In real life you got bodies, HIV, abortions, and a bad rep.

  4. Snoop and Martha tea- I almost choked on a dam n grape after that reveal.
    I am trying to remember when did they consider Stacey Dash and Lisa A or B list

  5. Ever since that payola investigation her songs not sticking like that on billboard, I’m talking top 10 or even top 20. Wish wish been at the bottom of the charts and it’s like they’re holding it there so it don’t look like she ain’t on the charts at all. Shit sweetie and Megan higher than her on the charts.

    1. DON’T PLAY ME no you did not read nothing on no crazy days and nights you may have seen something similair but there is no way u saw this I designed it myself

  6. I just hate people keep calling her queen of rap before even seeing if she can remain on top for at least 5yrs. I’m sure she is trying to act more because these fake people will toss her to the side to hype the next chick.

  7. I honestly felt like Martha and Snoop were intimate when I first saw them interacting years ago…there is just a sweet, comfort level between them that screams that not only have they been intimate, but they have a good, personal relationship. I get the vibe that they are really very close on an emotional level.

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