October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind A Different World Part 2

  1. OMG!! Don’t be teasing!! 😫😫😫I loved Whitley!! My aunt wanted to name me that. My father named me after Whitney Houston. I hope you talk about why Dawn Lewis wasn’t on the final season of ADW?

  2. Wow! I am reading the scenarios of all those episodes and I remember every last one. I literally see them playing in my head… Crazy lol. Had no clue Cree and Kadeem were involved. Ready for part 3.

  3. So were the rumors true or false about “ron” and a homosexual? Are he and tempest still together? I remember them on a reality show about House Husbands.

    1. The last that I read about them, they are still together. I dont think they ever married, but they are a couple.

  4. I loved Freddie! And loved when they added Shaza!! Those two together were perfect..I didnt like her and Ron together.

  5. The blacks owning blacks to ensure they wouldn’t get sold is a fairy tale. Freedom papers from your master are easily given by free will.

    Black slave owners were not ruthless than whites. Look it up Creoles of course too. All Native Americans were not our friends. Some also owned slaves and treated them poorly as well. There’s a woman on YouTube who’s family wrote a book about their history. One of her ancestors was treated poorly by a Native and escaped to work for a white man who treated him fairly.

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