October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Season 10 Premiere The Real Truth Behind What Happened To A Different World

  1. I love A Different World!!! My mom was in college during the run of the show and she said it was one of her favorite shows back then.

  2. Whooo, PERFECT timing! I literally binge watched the entire series over the last week and just finished the last episode last night. I wish they would bring this show back. Have Whitley and Dwaynes child in school, Jaleesa and Colonel Taylor’s child and maybe Ron and Freddies… cant wait to hear all of the tea on this show!!

  3. Let’s get into it! Different World will always be one of my shows. Mad that they had me thinking college dorm rooms were that big, but that is ok I forgive them 😂.

  4. I miss this show and the Cosby show… his openers were always so creative. If 7th Heaven can still play- the Cosby show should still be on and available on DVD.

    1. I think Cosby is still playing on TV One. Or another channel. I wish they would put A Different World on in syndication.

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